Unlock Your Romance Travel Business in 2024: 4 Must-Know Marketing Trends That Can Ignite Your Business!

marketing trends 2024

Welcome to the world of destination weddings and honeymoon travel, where the journey is just as important as the destination. As travel specialists navigating the ever-changing landscape of marketing your travel business, your ability to stay ahead of the curve is crucial.

To ignite your travel business, and unlock success, you must embrace the marketing trends that help you get found by couples seeking the perfect honeymoon, destination wedding, vow renewal, or other romantic getaway.

Marketing Trends 2024

Join us as we unpack the top 2024 must-know marketing trends for romance travel specialists, where we delve into the strategies and insights that will elevate your business and ensure you’re doing everything right to get a piece of this 16-billion-dollar industry! 

🌟 Trend #1: Pinterest

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One of the best ways to boost your website up the search engines is to get quality backlinks to your website. A backlink is when one website is linked to your website, usually done by a URL link. Ok, enough dirty talk. 😂

When you create a pin or a board on Pinterest and then link your pins back to your website, this helps, you have a win-win!

  1. You’ll get wedding couples who view your pins and boards to click on your pins and bring them to your website!
  2. Google sees links from Pinterest as a high-quality link because Pinterest has such a quality reputation online. This makes Google’s algorithm rate your website higher and push the page your pin is linked to, higher up the search engines. 
  3. Another win… According to Zola, the American online wedding registry, Pinterest is the number one source of wedding inspiration for Zola wedding couples. 75% of Zola couples turn to Pinterest first among all social media options!

So, using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy will greatly increase the chances that wedding couples will find your business online!

🌟 Trend #2: Short-form Videos

Short-form videos are creating big ROI.

The latest research shows that short-form videos are one of the top content types for driving traffic, engagement, and ROI to your business!  

Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikToks are now some of the most consumed video content published. 

According to Hubspot, video has the highest ROI of any media format, followed by images (Pinterest) blog posts, and podcasts.

🌟 Trend #3: Social Media

Social media could become your top marketing channel.

People are now using social media to discover, research, and make purchasing decisions. This makes your social media channels crucial to your marketing efforts!  

According to HubSpot: 

  • 59% of millennials discovered new products while surfing social media
  • 59% of marketers see social media sales continue to grow
  • Most marketers say social media is or will be their most-used marketing channel. Some even say their social media channels are delivering their highest ROI     

This means that wedding couples who find your social posts while scrolling will use your posts for their honeymoon or destination wedding research. 

If they like what they see, they will start following and interacting with your social channels.  

Then, they will click over to your website, check out your website, read a blog post or two, and then either give you their name and email for your lead magnet, sign up for a consultation, or continue to come back again and again until they are ready to take one of those steps with you!


🌟 Trend #4: Focus on Authenticity and Trust

According to Neil Patel, Google’s algorithms are now focusing on deciding if your content is trustworthy and authentic. If Google determines that it is, they will reward your content with visibility.  

Here are some ways to build trust and authority with Google and wedding couples:

  1. Have an author bio page. This will help you rank better!
  2. Have a well-written “About Page on your website, you will rank better!
  3. Share data when possible! Example: “84% of wedding couples who planned and traveled on a honeymoon together report having a happier marriage.”
  4. Share personal experiences. People still like to buy and work with other people, and a lot of people become invested in the stories you share. It’s the details that make you stand out.  
  5. Share your opinion or reaction to a topic, gives a valuable new perspective.
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    • “Destination Wedding Trends I’m Lot Loving in 2024”
    • “6 Destination Wedding Trends I Absolutely Love in 2024”
  6. Partner with an influencer to make your content stand out. Even a micro-influencer is well known in their space.
  7. Make your content stand out and be unique and interesting. Any content that is titled for 2024
    • The Top 6 Destination Wedding Venues For 2024
    • 6 Honeymoon Resort Gems You Have to Consider in 2024
    • Top Destination Wedding Trends of 2024
  8. Don’t obsess about the algorithm, obsess about the user!

Google’s algorithm is looking for truly authentic and helpful content that is useful to the people who are searching on a topic, like planning a destination wedding or looking for their perfect honeymoon resort. 

If Google thinks your content is authentic, helpful,  and relevant, it will reward you with visibility, over the mediocre & bad content that is currently being pumped out online. 

It Takes Time to Create Content Like This!

But let’s face it, do you really have the time to spend on creating great content? Content that Google will love while simultaneously getting the attention of your ideal wedding couples? You’re trying to just keep your head above water running your business, answering client questions, trying to book trips, and managing everyday life! 

This is why I created the Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Content Hero

A monthly content subscription of highly-searched, keyword-optimized, done-for-you, honeymoon and destination wedding content designed to get Google’s search algorithm to love your content, and help drive new wedding couples to your business! 

Content Hero’s blog posts now will include spoon-fed spots where we show you exactly where you should share some of your personal experience, give your opinion or perspective, as well as include new data points that will make your content stand out, be helpful, and unique.  

Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Content Hero
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