6 Tips to Fill Your Calendar Full of Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Consultations

destination wedding honeymoon consultations

There is a proven way to get leads for your wedding and travel business, and it’s something you can do one time and then reap results repeatedly.

It’s called a lead magnet and it is a critical part of a marketing funnel for wedding and travel businesses.

I want to share a few quick tips in creating a lead magnet that will absolutely lead your potential client to take the next step with you — which is a consultation.

Make sure your lead magnet is quality!

You want your lead magnet to have good information as well as beautiful design.

Start your lead magnet out with the domino belief

Your lead magnet has one major belief that you want to convey.

Use the teaching points in your lead magnet to reinforce your domino belief

Sprinkle your expertise throughout your lead magnet by sharing pro-tips, opinions, or helpful advice based on your experience

Create a hint of doubt in your audience’s mind

How? By saying something like, “This will work well for couples who are looking for…, but not for couples who want…”

This causes your couple to doubt their ability to move forward without your expert advice.

Your call to action needs to be clear and singularly focused

woman with her laptop learning how to market her lead magnet

There are so many factors to creating a lead magnet that will get leads to consult with you and book your services.

You may be wondering how you can generate quality wedding leads and finally stop chasing leads.

Maybe you’re tired of getting tire-kickers or people who ghost you, and you’re ready to finally fill your calendar with couples who are excited to work with you!

If so, I’d like to invite you to grab my free resource called the Ultimate Checklist to Multiply Your Destination Wedding Leads. Even if you aren’t a destination wedding agent, the principles all work the same. Enjoy! 👇

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