Honeymoon Travel Agent Training | How Do You Answer the Question, “Why Should We Hire You?”

why should we hire you

I don’t know about you, but anytime I had a job interview and was asked the question, “Why should we hire you?” or “What makes you the best candidate for this position?”, I was so nervous… sweaty palms, flushed face, stuttering words, holding back the vomit kind of nervous.

On the one hand, you must sell yourself, but on the other hand, you don’t want to sound like an arrogant or prideful person. You also don’t want to sound like you’re better than everyone else because you really don’t know the other candidates and you’re too nice of a person to do that. It’s a balancing act that seems impossible!

Becoming a Honeymoon Experience Specialist

In this article, I’d like to help my fellow travel advisors who specialize in selling honeymoons learn how to answer that question so that you can confidently sell your services as a honeymoon travel specialist without sounding conceited.

Before I dive into the 3-step process, let me first point out a mindset that you must get rid of: you aren’t booking a honeymoon. Booking the actual travel is the easiest part of this, and frankly, anyone can do that (for the most part).

Stop asking yourself, “Why should a honeymoon couple hire me to book their honeymoon?” They don’t want you to book their honeymoon. They want a honeymoon expert to assist them in researching, planning, and designing a honeymoon experience that matches their vision, which includes booking the travel elements.

They want guidance. They want to get expert advice. They want to stop Googling every question that comes up. They want to make sure everything goes perfectly. They want to know they have the right information to prepare for travel and have assistance during travel. We must stop looking at ourselves as someone who books honeymoon travel.

“Why Should We Hire You?” The 3-Step Process

Alright, now that we’ve cleared the air, let’s jump into how the heck you can confidently say, “This is why you should hire me as your honeymoon travel specialist.”

🌟 Step 1:

Make a list of all the honeymoon planning services you provide for your clients. Go ahead, and do a brain dump of all the little things you do to help your honeymooners.

🌟 Step 2:

Now, go back through that list, and write out how that service benefits your clients.

For example, let’s say you listed “Destination, Hotel, and Excursion Research” as part of your honeymoon planning services. Ask yourself, “How does this benefit my honeymoon travel clients?”

Here’s how to re-write it to show how it benefits them, “Save hours of research with expertly curated destination, hotel, and activity selections that align with your dream honeymoon vision.”

Maybe you offer price adjustments for your clients if rates drop before their final payment is applied. Here’s how this benefits them, “Rest assured you’re getting the best value with our thorough price search and the benefit of rate adjustments if prices drop post-deposit.”

Do you see what I’m getting at?

🌟 Step 3:

Practice saying these things and talk about them during your consultations, in your blog posts, your Facebook Lives, and your social media.

This is how you want to talk about your services on your website so that couples will recognize that you’re doing more than simply booking their trip.

Wrap Up

Bottom line: couples want to know what’s in it for them.

This also positions you to charge a professional planning fee without anyone questioning why you have a fee and another travel agent in their area doesn’t.

If you want to get hired as a honeymoon travel specialist, you must do something to stand apart from an ordinary travel agent.

If you’d like more destination wedding & honeymoon travel agent training, I encourage you to enroll in the Academy Pro membership. Details are below.

When you enroll, find this training in the “Honeymoon Vault”, as I have a free download of 13 benefit statements you can use to sell your honeymoon planning services. 😉

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