5 Topics to Elevate Your Destination Wedding Services

destination wedding topics

Did you know couples search online for answers about planning a destination wedding?

To be the guru and the expert, you need to have the answers to these questions so that your content is found when they hit that search button.

When Lou and I started our travel business, we knew right away that we didn’t want to stick with our local market only.

So, the question was, “How do we get honeymoon and destination wedding clients to find us online”? What we discovered was that it was all about creating content.

Destination Wedding Topics

Over the years, I’ve created videos with over 70,000 views and blog posts with over 30,000 views. These were all found by couples searching online for something specific and that resulted in my business growing with a nationwide clientele.  

This is exactly what you need to do to create a lead generation system for your travel business that will serve you for years.

Here are 5 things you should talk about to get the attention of couples planning a destination wedding…

Topic #1: How Much Does a Destination Wedding Cost?

  • This content will include how they can earn things to help their budget go further.
  • This content could include an example of a recent couple you worked with and a breakdown of their costs based on the number of guests, things they selected, and their location (not the resort, but the destination).

Topic #2: How Far in Advance Should I Plan a Destination Wedding?

  • This content will include a timeline.

Topic #3: What Are the Best Destination Wedding Packages and What Is Included?

  • This content should share tips on extra person costs, a la carte options, customizations, and outside vendor fees.

Topic #4: How to Plan a Destination Wedding/How Does Planning a Destination Wedding Work?

  • This will include the destination wedding planning process.
  • This will include talking about a pre-wedding planning trip.
  • This will include getting a group contract and the benefits of doing so.
  • This will include what your role as a destination wedding specialist is.
  • This will include what the resort’s role is and how to work with the onsite team.
  • This will include FAQs like who pays for what, minimum length of stay, and why there are fees for private events even though the resort is all-inclusive.

Topic #5: The Best Locations to Host a Destination Wedding

  • This can include location details and what makes it a great choice for a destination wedding. (Activities, venues, sunset, beaches, gardens, etc.)
  • This can include resorts and recommendations of why a resort is a good option/what to look for in a resort.
  • This can include a discussion of choosing an all-inclusive resort and why.

Time to Create Content!

If you want to build your honeymoon and destination wedding travel business and get leads and clients, then content creation that answers the FAQs of your ideal client is what you need to be talking about.

If creating this content is simply not an option for you at this time, consider investing in our Content Hero membership where we do all the work for you and give you relevant done-for-you content on honeymoons and destination weddings every month. All you have to do is post it and get found!

Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Content Hero
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