How Destination Weddings Changed The Course of My Business

Have you ever been curious about the world of destination weddings? Maybe you’ve seen pictures of exotic locations and have witnessed how specialists, like me get to travel to tropical destinations to check them out and experience them first hand. That is a big lure to this business, I mean, who doesn’t love to travel?…

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Just a Girl and her Pearls

You may not be aware that the word “pearls” is used in conjunction with wisdom. If you didn’t, now you know! I have to say that I love pearls. I never realized how much I liked them until I went to Bora Bora where they have the Tahitian Pearl. OMG! The most valuable Tahitian pearls…

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10 Ways to Market Your Lead Magnet for Free

market lead magnet

If you are looking to increase your destination wedding or travel leads, but don’t have a ton of cash to do so, keep reading. I’m going to be sharing ways to get your lead magnet in front of your ideal client without spending a dime on advertising. Before we go there, let’s first cover what…

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How to Monetize Your Destination Wedding Travel Facebook Group


In March of 2020, there were 400 million active group members on Facebook which don’t even include the non-active members and that number have only grown I’m sure by now. Facebook’s goal is to grow Facebook Groups to over 1 billion “meaningful” members over the next couple of years! “Meaningful” means members who are engaged…

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Top Strategy to Generate Leads for Your Wedding & Travel Business


If you are a wedding or travel planner who needs to get leads for your destination wedding business, and you’re looking for free ways to market your wedding business, read on… Let’s continue our discussion on using Facebook Groups as a marketing strategy for your travel agency. If you didn’t catch my post from last…

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Grow Your Destination Wedding Business Using Facebook Groups


If you are looking to start a destination wedding business or need to generate leads for your travel business, this article is for you! Let’s talk about Facebook Groups as a strategy to grow your wedding and travel business. I know, I know… Not another thing to add to our plates! Social media sometimes feels…

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How to Make a Lot of Money as a Travel Agent

make a lot of money as a travel agent

If you’re new to the travel industry, are curious about how travel agents make money or are looking to become a travel agent working from home, you’ve landed in the right place! Why? Because I’m about to dish out the deets that not everyone tells you. Here’s the scoop, travel is an amazing business! but…

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