If I Had to Start My Travel Business All Over Again

If I Had to Start My Travel Business All Over Again

At the end of 2007, Lou and I decided to start a travel business, without a clue about the industry and even without experience as travelers. 😂

We quickly discovered that we needed a niche as I simply couldn’t learn “all things travel” and ultimately landed on the romance travel niche.  

self-sabotaging your success

10 Ways to Know if You’re Self-Sabotaging Your Success

Without personally looking under the hood of your travel business and assessing your messaging, funnels, processes, and operations, I am confident that you may be experiencing some level of self-sabotage and it is causing you to be in a never-ending circle of frustration.

Let’s dive into this and talk about ways to combat self-sabotage as a travel business owner!

how to craft the perfect inquiry response

How to Craft the Perfect Inquiry Response to Get Couples to Schedule a Honeymoon or Destination Wedding Consultation With You

You did it! You got an inquiry for your honeymoon or destination wedding planning services!

Whether the lead came in from Wedding Pro, a referral, or social media, you need to have a response on the ready so that you can “strike while the iron is hot!”

Often, the first person to respond is the one who gets hired, so without having a standard operating process for when inquiries come in, you may miss out on getting couples to take the next step with you.