Destination Wedding Travel Agent Training: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Profits as a Destination Wedding Specialist

maximize your profits

Want to know how to become a travel wedding planner who charges professional planning fees and makes 20K from one destination wedding?

Wondering what is the most lucrative travel niche and how can you maximize the profit you make as a travel agent who specializes in destination weddings?

Then this article is for you! In this destination wedding travel agent training, I will share 5 strategies to maximize your profits!

Maximize Your Profits With These 5 Ways

🌟 Charge a Professional Planning Fee

I’ve talked about this many times, but we are all willing to pay extra for someone who specializes.

Couples don’t want a travel agent planning their destination wedding, they want a destination wedding specialist who can help them navigate all the steps involved in their wedding away.

A few things you’ll need to have to start charging a professional planning fee in your travel business:

  1. A way to close the sale while showcasing your expertise.
  2. A list of services showing your value and the benefits of a couple hiring you.
  3. A contract for your professional services.
  4. A way to invoice the client for your planning fee.

Specialists can often charge 30% more than generalists. That’s some serious extra cash in your pocket!

All of these and more are included in our 20K System & Toolkit destination wedding business course.

🌟 Partner With the Right Suppliers and Brands

There are great resorts for vacations, and there are great resorts for wedding groups. Not every resort is group-friendly. As destination wedding experts we need to position ourselves with brands that take good care of our clients, give them unforgettable experiences, and also make us look like rock stars.

A travel supplier is like your partner in crime. They have the connections to help you help your clients, they have the technology to make the booking process seamless, and they have the team to help you if there is a customer service issue. Stop thinking you have to know it all…you don’t!

How do you know who to partner with?

  1. Know the best venues to host weddings.
  2. Find brands that best match your ideal couple’s personality and vision.
  3. Work with a travel supplier that has great technology and group management.

All of this is covered in our 20K System & Toolkit.

🌟 Leverage Group Contracts to Keep Guests From Going Rogue

The name of the game to get higher travel commissions is to understand group contracts and how they benefit your destination wedding client. You want to use those freebies like free rooms, free cocktail receptions, upgrades, etc. to partner with your couple so that they understand how critical it is for their guests to book with the group.

Many couples miss out on earning free rooms because they don’t have a destination wedding travel agent helping them properly set up their group’s travel arrangements. As destination wedding specialists, we must know the benefits of hosting a wedding group at a resort and how to ensure our clients get all the freebies they deserve.

We also must understand contract terms for the wedding as many resorts will charge fees to guests who book outside of the group. Couples are caught off-guard when this happens, and it can create unnecessary friction with the resort wedding team.

Once you know all the ins and outs of destination weddings, you’ll understand your value and how it benefits your couples.

I’ve helped my clients save thousands of dollars, and you can too! Properly managed group travel bookings can boost your commission by up to 15%.

We show you how in our 20K System & Toolkit.

🌟 Charge Fees for Late Payments, Changes, or Cancellation

Stop working for free! It takes time to do and re-do bookings, make payments, update invoices, and process a cancellation. Don’t leave money on the table in your travel business.

I have multiple “extra fees” because I learned the hard way. Don’t minimize your profit by allowing guests to be wishy-washy or make you chase them down for their final payments. Implement some processes so you can charge fees and maximize your time and profit.

I show you my exact strategies inside the 20K System & Toolkit.

🌟 Create a Referral Network by Taking Good Care of the Couple and Their Guests

Not only do people want to work with an expert, but they also love recommending you to others after having a good experience with you. Specializing in destination weddings will grow your travel business rapidly as guests return to you for their trips, refer you to friends and family, or hire you to plan their destination weddings.

Personal referrals are like golden tickets. Couples who are referred to you will say “yes” 90% of the time.

Wrap Up

Specializing in destination weddings is the fastest way to grow a loyal client base for your travel business!

Are you ready to become a highly sought-after destination wedding specialist and make 6-figures as a travel agent working with 5-10 wedding couples per year? Enroll now to our 20K System & Toolkit destination wedding business course!

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