Hi, I'm Tami!

I am an entrepreneur, wedding business coach, a woman of faith, and creator of a destination wedding business building course called the 20K System & Toolkit (because you can make 20K from planning one destination wedding day!) 😉

Upon having at least two cups of coffee, I teach wedding and travel pros how to create more wealth, freedom, bucket list travel experiences, and start living a life they love without the “hustle and grind.”

By the grace of God, I’ve built a multi-six-figure wedding and travel business working from home and now I’m sharing my strategies with other wedding pros like you.

If you’re looking to get found and get booked, you’re in the right place! Better yet, if you want to start working only with your ideal wedding client and stop feeling like you’re working for free, stick around!


Facebook Live Show with Tami and Lou Santini


Join us every Monday at 1:00 PM EST for a fun-filled Facebook Live show! We talk about anything related to the destination wedding business - together with our awesome 20K community. Don't miss this opportunity to watch, learn, and have fun with us!

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