The Secret to Website Traffic and Leads for Your Romance Travel Business

website traffic leads

Does your wedding planning business generate enough leads from your website? You probably already know the answer to that question. Many businesses struggle with getting to the top of Google for local keywords and don’t get enough website traffic, leads, or customers from their websites.

This post is all about “newbie” friendly advice on how to improve your content to get leads for your honeymoon and destination wedding travel business. We’ll look at some tips on how you can help your new, potential clients find you online via search engines and social media.

Simple Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Website

1. Create a blog post on a topic that you know your ideal wedding couple is online searching for

2. Create social posts that point people to the blog post

3. Create Pinterest pins that point people to your blog post

Simple Instagram Strategies You Can Do to Gain Followers

Instagram Reels

I know you might be annoyed by me saying this, but Reels are what the Instagram algorithm likes, and they have more longevity and greater reach than your typical post.

Instagram Stickers (Poll, Questions, Quiz, etc.)

Create interaction in your Instagram stories by using the poll, quiz, or question stickers

"DM me!"

Don’t be afraid to have your call-to-action be to DM you! You want to be a helpful resource, someone approachable.


Content is king. But creating it can be a pain in the butt and time-consuming. You must come up with topics that couples are searching for, create interesting content, and try to drive traffic to it.

That’s where our 20K Content Hero comes in. It delivers done-for-you content for your travel romance business so that can get you leads and drive traffic.

Go ahead and check it out! You’ll be glad you did! 👇🏻

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