10 Ways to Get Your Bride Bribe in Front of Your Wedding Couples for Free

bride bribe free

Let’s face it, after the year we as romance travel specialists have been through, you may be wondering how you can get more leads for your destination wedding business.

One of the best ways to generate leads for your wedding or honeymoon business is by creating a lead magnet or what I like to call a Bride Bribe. This is a juicy piece of information that you know your ideal client will want to help them solve a problem.

If you need help in creating a lead magnet, I wrote an article about that a while back.

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Once you have your bride bribe done and you have an opt-in on your website to capture names and emails, you’ll want to put it everywhere!

Lou and I hosted a Facebook live and gave several ideas of how you can market your romance travel services for free, using your bride bribe.

Grab your pen and paper and enjoy watching/listening.

Now that you have all those amazing ways to get destination wedding leads for your business using your bride bribe, you may want to check out a complimentary training Lou and I created for honeymoon and destination wedding planners.

These 5 tips will help you grow your romance travel business and generate a continuous flow of leads. Bonus – once you opt in for the training, I have an offer that includes two templates for your lead magnet that you can snag if you want. 👇

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