How to Sell Yourself as a Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Travel Expert

destination wedding & honeymoon travel expert

The best way to sell yourself as a travel advisor and promote your travel business is to create an effective content strategy that showcases your expertise.

In my last blog post, I talked about the different types of content you should share as a destination wedding expert to get couples to trust you as the go-to expert.

In this destination wedding & honeymoon travel agent training, I’d like to show how using honeymoon travel trends and destination wedding travel trends will position you as the Authority, Celebrity, & Expert (ACE).

Be a Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Travel Expert

If you’re wondering how to market yourself as a destination wedding or honeymoon travel agent, you’re in the right place. The key is creating and sharing content you know your ideal audience is looking for.

For example, how did you find this article? Did you do a Google search and this popped up?

This is exactly what you want to do but for couples planning a honeymoon or destination wedding.

A successful content strategy as a travel advisor will help you sell yourself before a client gets on a consultation with you.

How? By showing you are the Authority, Celebrity, & Expert on the subject matter.

Content Strategies

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Let me quickly share a content strategy you can implement in your honeymoon and destination wedding travel business right away.

  1. Write a blog post about the top 2024 destination wedding or honeymoon trends.
  2. Take bite-size pieces of that blog article and sprinkle little nuggets in your social media with some of your calls to action: “Read your blog/guide/trends guide”.
  3. Share your blog post 3 different times on a Pinterest Board.
  4. Create a face-to-camera video sharing a trend or a few trends and post it as a Reel, Tiktok, or Story. (If you do a story, save it as a highlight on IG). I recommend creating a script first to save yourself from 1,000 bloopers! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
  5. Send emails to your list to let them know you have this great romance travel trends blog post don’t want to miss.
  6. [Bonus Strategy] Go live on your Facebook group, YouTube, and Facebook Page to share more in-depth tips about the current trends in romance travel. I like using a platform called StreamYard to do this.

This is a repeatable strategy that you can do every two weeks or every month. Milk the content from your blog post and use it as a foundation so you’re never wondering, “What should I post about?”

Please remember, like anything, this strategy to generate leads for your romance travel business is about consistency. You don’t want to do this one month and never again, it is something you’ll want to do as part of your content marketing plan.

Trends to Talk About

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Now let me go a step further and help you know what romance travel trends you can talk about.

For Honeymoons, talk about trends like:

  • Destination Trends
  • Room Style Trends
  • Vacation Style Trends
  • Length of Honeymoon Trends
  • Sought-After Experience Trends

You could even dig deeper and talk about trends within trends. For example, if the vacation style trend is wellness travel, you can talk about trends within wellness travel.

Also, while you could do a Google search to find out what is trending in honeymoon travel, why not make your own trend article based on what you’ve been booking in 2024? Afterall, you’re the expert. This is how you sell yourself as a honeymoon travel advisor.

For Destination Weddings, talk about trends like:

  • Food and Beverages
  • Experiences, Activities, Entertainment, etc.
  • Style, Theme, Colors, Decor, etc.
  • Dresses, Hair, Makeup, Wedding Party Attire, etc.
  • Locations, Venues, Vibe, etc.

And again, go deeper. The way to sell yourself as an expert in any travel niche is to create content showcasing that you know your stuff. That you’re more than just an order taker. That you can create personalized experiences for your clients.

Did you know customers are 80% more satisfied with personalized travel experiences?

Wrap Up

Go on now, sell yourself as the destination wedding & honeymoon travel guru that you are!

If doing this strategy seems a bit overwhelming, our Content Hero membership hands you everything you need to implement a consistent content strategy in your romance travel business with done-for-you blog posts, social post graphics and captions, reels, video scripts, and more.

Also, our April 2024 Content Hero is all about 2024 Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Trends. At the click of a button, you can have this all done for you. Simply copy, paste, and voila!

Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Content Hero
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