Destination Wedding Travel Agent Training | 6 Types of Destination Wedding Content That Get Couples to Stop the Scroll, Like, Follow, & Share Your Travel Business Online

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It’s no secret that creating content is a key strategy to get leads and build a destination wedding travel business. That’s why we created our Content Hero membership of done-for-you travel content, specifically for travel agents specializing in destination weddings and honeymoons.

The question becomes “What wedding & travel content do I need to share to get destination wedding travel leads?”

In this post, we’ll cover the content you should be talking about and creating to attract destination wedding couples. I’ll break these down into six different categories: Location, Wedding Packages, Guests, Budget, Tips, & Trends to help you get your creative juices flowing.  

Destination Wedding Content Types

🌟 Location

Here are some destination wedding location and venue content ideas:

  • The best “tropical” locations for an easy legal wedding
  • How to get legally married in “Jamaica”
  • The best destination for a sunset wedding in the Caribbean
  • The best destination for a jungle wedding in the Caribbean
  • Best beach wedding venue
  • Best wedding venue that overlooks the ocean but isn’t on the sand
  • Unique off-site wedding venues in “Mexico”
  • Share details about venues, capacities, and fees
  • Private wedding venues in “The Caribbean”

🌟 Wedding Packages

Couples have a lot of questions about wedding packages. Find a package and talk about it. Here are a few other ideas:

  • Advice on choosing the best wedding package at “Hard Rock” resorts
  • How much the extra per person guest charge is at “Secrets” resorts
  • Talk about options to customize your wedding
  • Share the difference between a pre-packaged theme and a wedding package
  • Talk about outside vendors and why there is a charge
  • Explain why you must pay for food and beverages at a private event even though the resort is all-inclusive.
  • Highlight two or three wedding packages that you think offer the best value and share why
  • When to consider a la carte.
  • How to earn free wedding packages at “Sandals Resorts”

🌟 Guests

It is impossible to please everyone, but couples want to do their best to give their guests an awesome experience. Discuss these important things to put your potential client’s mind at ease.

  • Planning a destination wedding with little ones attending
  • Planning an adult-only destination wedding
  • Finding a resort that is good for both the adults and the kids
  • Resorts that offer exchange privileges so you can have a family-friendly option and an adult-only option
  • Recommended budget for wedding guests
  • Activities you can set up to create memorable experiences
  • Ideas for a welcome party or welcome gifts
  • Weekend wedding itinerary ideas
  • Tips for when the guests should arrive and how long they should stay
  • Choosing a resort that guarantees a good experience without breaking the bank
  • Inviting guests (tips on save the dates, wedding websites, etc.)
  • The benefits of setting up a group room block

🌟 Budget

It’s impossible to avoid this subject matter. Be bold and get out there and talk about money. Give tips and advice and be honest with what the couple can expect from a quality destination wedding experience.

  • Share what couples can expect with a destination wedding budget of $15,000, $20,000, $25,000, etc.
  • Share budget expectations based on the amount of guests they have in attendance.
  • Talk about budget surprises couples face, like the cost of photography.
  • Show how they can potentially earn upgrades, free rooms, or free cocktail receptions, to help their wedding budget go further
  • Talk about what they can anticipate will be needed for deposits and when final payments are due
  • Planning for extra expenses they maybe didn’t factor in

🌟 Tips

As a destination wedding specialist, you have many tips and advice to offer. Do it! Don’t be afraid to over-deliver and let couples see your heart and your smarts.

  • The difference between a legal and symbolic destination wedding
  • Advice on how to quickly create a short list of wedding resorts
  • Why get married at a resort vs an offsite venue (or vice versa)
  • Getting married in “Mexico”, what you need to know
  • How to travel for nearly free for your destination wedding
  • Try before you buy / pre-wedding planning trips
  • How planning a destination wedding works
  • What to expect when planning a destination wedding at a resort
  • Wedding planning timeline tips including how far in advance to start planning.
  • Offer advice on creating their wedding vision and sharing that with the onsite team
  • Travel logistic tips. For example, sharing that some resorts are 1.5 hours from the airport and consider that for the sake of their guests.
  • Wedding party experiences for pre and post-wedding
  • Hiring a destination wedding travel agent
  • Honeymoon tips for after the nuptials.

🌟 Trends

This is all about the trends you are seeing right now in destination weddings. Here are some topic ideas you can share:

  • Food and beverages
  • Experiences, activities, entertainment
  • Style, theme, colors, decor
  • Dresses, hair, makeup, wedding party attire
  • Locations, venues, vibe

Wrap Up

Speaking of trends, our April 2024 Content Hero Pack is all about 2024 Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Trends. You can check it out here.

All these content ideas should spur on multiple more. Believe me, you’ll never be at a loss as to what to share on social media, in your blog, or your video with this list of destination wedding topics.

If you’re struggling with content creation and the best strategy to get found online by couples who are planning a destination wedding or honeymoon, I encourage you to check out our Content Hero of done-for-you destination wedding & honeymoon travel content.

Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Content Hero
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