5 Lessons From The Super Bowl You Can Use to Win in Your Travel Business

super bowl success lessons

If you are among the 112.2 million people who watched the Super Bowl last night, then it’s possible you watched it for one of the following reasons…

  1. You are a sports fan;
  2. You want to watch the half-time show;
  3. You love watching the new commercials companies pay millions of dollars to air for a 30-second clip;
  4. All the above! 

It’s one of the most-watched television events each year. 

Super Bowl Success Lessons

No matter why you watch the Super Bowl, there are 5 valuable lessons that we can learn from both Super Bowl teams to apply for success in our romance travel business

🌟 Leadership

Both teams have outstanding leadership! Both coaches, Andy Reid of the Chiefs and Kyle Shanahan of the 49ers are knowledgeable and organized and know how to make solid decisions and strategies for their teams to win consistently. The 49ers have been in the Super Bowl twice in the last seven years, and The Chiefs just won their 2nd Super Bowl in a row and have won 3 Super Bowls in the last seven years. 

What Is In It For Me?

You are usually the only leader in your business, so you must make decisions to help your business succeed consistently. Some successful people read at least one business or leadership book regularly. Here are some books I recommend to add to your reading list:

leadership book recommendation

🌟 Strategy

Both the coaching staff of the Chiefs and the 49ers came up with some great strategies to beat the other team. Last night in the Super Bowl, both teams used some outstanding strategy (play calls) to score against each other. The game had several lead changes, but Andy Reid, the coach of the Chiefs, saved one of his best play calls for the final play, which won the game for the Chiefs. 

What Is In It For Me?

We also need strategies for our romance travel business to succeed! We need strategies in marketing, getting leads, converting our leads into paying clients, making bridal shows more successful, etc.

One of the best ways to gain success strategies is to learn from a mentor who has been there and reached the level of success you are trying to reach. It’s good to get coaching or take courses like our 20K System and Toolkit program and our new Academy Pro membership to continue to give you strategies for growing and scaling your romance travel business. 

🌟 Fundamentals

Both the 49ers and the Chiefs are solid on their fundamentals. You have to do the basic things well. Blocking, tackling, catching the football, footwork, and hand placement are all fundamentals winning football teams work on in practice so that it becomes second nature when they play the game.

What Is In It For Me?

In your romance travel business, you also need to make sure you have mastered the fundamentals of a successful business. It would be best if you had your client booking funnel built and published. Your client booking funnel should consist of a lead magnet, a branded website, a landing page to capture those leads, email marketing software to send out email campaigns and nurture your leads, and a consultation procedure to meet with wedding couples so that you can close the deal and get hired. And, of course, you need to know enough about the resorts and destinations you will also sell to your clients.  

🌟 Preparation

Good teams prepare for their opponent, they make a specific game plan to anticipate the challenges that they will face, and how they are going to overcome them. Coaches and players trust to develop the game strategy, communicate that clearly to the team, and practice the plan repeatedly so it can be implemented. In last night’s Super Bowl, both coaches had prepared for the types of plays the other team would try to run on them in certain situations. The Chiefs, who won 25-22, prepared the perfect calls against what the 49ers were doing.  

super bowl success lessons
What Is In It For Me?

You also need to have good preparation for your business to have success. You need to make sure you prepare that you have everything in your business you need for success: 

  • Is your website working?
  • Can couples find your contact information?
  • Do couples know how to schedule a consultation with you?
  • Do you have a process for handling leads when they come in, either by email or phone?
  • If you are with a host agency, have you renewed any paperwork or contracts that need to be renewed? 

When you prepare properly, you’ll be able to handle many obstacles that may come your way with success instead of failure or having a major setback. 

🌟 Grit & Resilience

Even when the chips were down last night, or one of the teams was losing, neither team gave up. Neither team panicked or crumbled. Instead, both showed grit and resilience as they fought back, made the necessary adjustments, and returned to score! The game ended in a tie and went into overtime. Grit & resilience should always be considered for success. 

Only some things will go perfectly in your business; you will have ups and downs. At one point, the Chiefs, who won the Super Bowl, had fumbled twice in the first half, missing a chance to score both times. Things weren’t going as planned, but they didn’t panic; they just continued to correct their mistakes and do what they knew would bring them success.

babe ruth quote
What Is In It For Me?

When things don’t go as planned, don’t panic, and don’t throw in the towel. Look at what is going wrong, make adjustments and corrections, and continue to do what you know will bring you success.

Wrap Up

Suppose you consistently employ these five characteristics in your business and your life. In that case, you will be fine reaching consistent levels of success in your business, giving you many wins of a strong, healthy business and robust, and healthy revenue!  

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