Why You Should Consider Charging a Professional Planning Fee

professional planning fee

Whether you have a planning fee implemented in your travel business or need to increase your professional planning fee, this article is for you!

All the arguments I’m about to present are based on experience. I remember the days in my travel business when I said what I thought everyone else said, “My services are free.” 

But would you put “My Services Are Free!” on a t-shirt? Maybe to get some interesting conversations started! 😂

Alright, enough chit-chat… Let’s get this party started!

Professional Planning Fee: Why a Travel Advisor Should Charge One?

Here are the reasons why you should be charging a professional planning fee in your travel business:

1. It tells your potential client that you are a professional and they will get a quality experience when they hire you.
2. It protects you from…
  • People who plan on ghosting you
  • Tire-kickers
  • Price shoppers
  • Being at a total loss if cancelation occurs
3. It changes the relationship you have with your clients.
  • Once I started charging fees, my clients were less demanding and more appreciative. They treated me like a professional and valued my services.
4. You make more money!
  • I remember one year I added $25,000 to my bottom line because of my fees.
5. You’ll attract higher-quality clients.
6. You’ll receive higher-quality referrals.
7. Your commissions will increase because you’ll be working with couples who have money.
8. Your stress will decrease because your client has financially committed to you.
  • So you don’t have to be breaking out in a sweat every time they reach out to you.
9. You can focus on what you do best rather than feeling like you constantly must “get or save the sale”.
10. You’re motivated by what is best for the client rather than your bottom line.
11. You work harder for your clients giving them your best!
12. It gives you an opportunity to give a surprise thank you gift upon them hiring you.

I’m sure there are more, but I think I’ve made my case. 😁

Wrapping Up

You may be thinking, “I agree, Tami, but what do I need to do in my business to start implementing fees?” This is a great question and something I teach in-depth in my 20K destination wedding business course.

One of the main things you need to do is to change your processes for when you get a lead. The second thing you need to do is showcase your value. From there you’ll need a contract and a way to invoice and collect the fee.

In my 20K System & Toolkit destination wedding business course, I teach travel planners the processes to implement, how to showcase their value, and how to set themselves apart as expert so that they can charge higher fees. I also give example contracts and lists of services and what I use to invoice my clients.

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