How to Find High-Dollar Wedding Clients

high-dollar wedding clients

Have you ever been to a country where they didn’t speak your language? Or maybe you’ve gone to a work party as a plus one, and you were part of a “shop talk” conversation that made zero sense to you? Participating in a conversation with someone who doesn’t speak your language is hard to do.…

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How to Ensure Your Wedding Client Feels Like a VIP

wedding clients vip

When Lou and I first started our business, bridal shows were one of the main ways to market your wedding services and get out in front of your ideal audience. While this gave us exposure and allowed us to talk with some couples and make connections at first, we didn’t have a solid plan for…

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How to Use Clubhouse to Grow Your Wedding Business!

If you’re reading this post, then you already know about Clubhouse and hopefully have created your Clubhouse username, joining rooms, following clubs, and possibly even hosting your own rooms. If you’re not sure how to create your Clubhouse username, then check out my post on how to quickly get started joining Clubhouse! But for now,…

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9 Terms You Need To Know to Have Success on Clubhouse

clubhouse terms

If you’ve had a chance to read my last post on Clubhouse, the hottest app of 2021, then you know that if you have an apple iPhone or iPad, you should be downloading the Clubhouse app and getting into the club! Clubhouse is Exploding! The app has already gone from 1 million to around 5…

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How to Easily Get On Clubhouse to Grow Your Wedding Business!


I’m sure you have heard of this new social networking app called Clubhouse. It is literally the hottest app of 2021 and for good reason! Clubhouse allows you to collaborate with like-minded individuals in all sorts of industries, interests, and passions where you can discuss, collaborate, ask questions, and even receive tips & strategies from…

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The New CDC Guidelines & International Travel Restrictions

CDC Guidelines International Travel Restrictions

On January 12, 2021, we learned about new COVID-19 testing rules for international passengers arriving in U.S. airports starting Jan. 26, 2021. As a wedding business coach and a travel advisor, it is important for me to stay abreast of policies to ensure my clients and my students have the knowledge needed to make decisions…

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