3 Steps to Charge Planning Fees: A Guide for Travel Agents

charge planning fees

If you’re wondering how to charge a professional planning fee as a travel agent, stick around!

First things first, if you’re on the fence about charging a fee for your travel services, I encourage you to check out an article I did a while back on why you should consider charging a professional travel planning fee.

Steps to Charge Planning Fees

Okay, let’s jump into the fabulous discussion of travel planning fees and how the heck to start implementing them.

🌟 Step #1: Change Your Process for When You Get a Lead

I share my exact process for this in my 20K System & Toolkit Destination Wedding Business Course, but essentially, you need a new way to close the deal.

You may be already doing part of this, but the best way to turn a travel lead into a travel client is to do a consultation.

Stop allowing open-ended discussions and quotes flying left and right without first getting the prospective client to realize you’re a professional.

So, the next time the phone rings or a DM hits you up on social, send them a link to schedule a consultation.

As a reminder, the consultation is not a chance for them to pick your brain and suck the life out of you; it is an opportunity for you to be in control of the conversation and ask the questions you would need to know to provide expert travel planning services.

🌟 Step #2: Showcase Your Value

Once you finish the consultation, you’ll want to send your list of services along with your planning fee.

The best way to do this is to list everything you will be helping your clients with, and then at the bottom of that, you’ll share your professional planning fee.

In my destination wedding business course, the 20K System & Toolkit (because you can make 20K from planning one destination wedding), I have two examples of this in our toolkit—one for just starting and one for the more advanced destination wedding expert.

I’m sharing this because it is okay to start where you are. It is OK to have a small professional planning fee. As you get more experienced and confident, you can raise your prices.

I know you will ask me, “How much should I charge for my travel planning services?” So, I’m not going to leave you hanging.

I’ll share my minimum recommended travel planning fees based on whether you are a newer agent or at least new to charging professional planning fees, as well as for the season travel expert.

charge planning fees

Again, these are just examples and my professional opinion. I have been a travel agent since 2008 and have changed my fee structure multiple times. I was a “My services are free!” travel pro, so I know how intimidating it is to implement this. Start where you feel confident.

🌟 Step #3: Have a Way to Invoice and Collect a Fee

Can I just say that without this third step, charging a professional planning fee for your wedding or travel planning services won’t fly?

Once your client agrees to hire you, you will want a professional contract they will sign and a way to invoice them.

I have an example of the terms you’ll want in your contract in my course, but the main thing that you need to ensure is that you aren’t responsible for things outside your control. I know some agents are also putting “bullying” clauses in their contracts.

Hiring a legal professional to write this up for you is best. It is an investment that will pay dividends over the years and protect you from people who would otherwise take advantage of you.

Wrap Up

These three steps are the foundation for charging fees and having a great relationship with clients who will work with you for all their travel needs.

Something that I learned the hard way in my travel business was that unless I treated myself as a professional first, no one would.

You got this, and I believe in you!

If you’re looking for step-by-step training for destination wedding travel agents, I invite you to the 20K System & Toolkit!

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