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How to Partner With the Bride & Groom to Keep Destination Wedding Guests From Going Rogue

The bride and groom are busy, and you know firsthand that trying to juggle all the details for a destination wedding is a daunting task.

You also know that when their guests go rogue, it doesn’t benefit them and it doesn’t benefit your bottom line!

The number one thing you can do is build a relationship with the couple so that they trust you and the advice you offer them.

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7 Steps to Organize a Destination Wedding Without Losing Your Mind

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been helping couples plan their dream weddings in paradise for over 13 years! Wow! 😲

I’ve experienced a lot of situations over the years, and I trust that the tips I’m sharing today will be a great resource so you can plan and organize a destination wedding like a pro.

If you’ve landed on this post and you’re a wedding couple – congratulations!

If you are here because you are a travel planner and you want to better understand how to partner with your wedding couples as you help them plan their weddings in Mexico or the Caribbean – welcome! 

wedding travel planner business checklist

The Checklist for Turning Your Wedding Travel Planner Business Into Success

Are you a travel agent who is looking to get into the destination wedding niche? Or perhaps you’re a destination wedding planner who wants to be serious about their travel business?

Whatever the case may be, there are several processes and procedures you and your wonderful team will benefit from. Even if you already have a successful business, it never hurts to review these tips and tweak them so that they’re even more functional.

Here is a checklist of the processes every travel planner needs in place to properly set up their travel business for success.