repurpose instagram reels

5 Simple Strategies to Repurpose Your Travel Instagram Reels

Let’s face it, as travel professionals, our marketing efforts need to pay off. We don’t have time to waste!

There seems to be so much to stay on top of in today’s ever-changing social world, on top of the fact that travel is back and we are busy taking care of our client’s needs.

One of the best ways to grab the attention of our potential travel clients on Instagram is with Reels. But once you put the time and energy into creating a Reel, you’ll want to get the most out of it so you can get leads for your travel business.


How to Effectively Use Instagram DMs to Get Wedding Couples to Contact You

So, you’re on Instagram and you want to find wedding couples who are planning their destination wedding but you’re not sure how to obtain this information. I’m going to show you how to do so without scaring them away or coming across as too aggressive and pushy.

Before we get into the actual strategy, we first must set up an Instagram feature called “Saved Replies” or “Quick Reply”. Once that is set up, you can use it in a variety of ways, but I have a specific method you can snag to get more wedding clients on Instagram.

converting leads to sales

Converting Leads to Sales

Getting destination wedding leads for your travel business is always exciting! After all the time and energy spent to set up and grow your travel business, you understand the value that a lead has to the future of your business.

The last thing any travel professional wants is to get a lead and not close the deal, especially for a prospect that is as lucrative as a destination wedding.

professional planning fee

Why You Should Consider Charging a Professional Planning Fee

Whether you have a planning fee implemented in your travel business or need to increase your professional planning fee, this article is for you!

All the arguments I’m about to present are based on experience. I remember the days in my travel business when I said what I thought everyone else said, “My services are free.” 

But would you put “My Services Are Free!” on a t-shirt? Maybe to get some interesting conversations started! 😂

Alright, enough chit-chat… Let’s get this party started!

partnership bride and groom

How to Partner With the Bride & Groom to Keep Destination Wedding Guests From Going Rogue

The bride and groom are busy, and you know firsthand that trying to juggle all the details for a destination wedding is a daunting task.

You also know that when their guests go rogue, it doesn’t benefit them and it doesn’t benefit your bottom line!

The number one thing you can do is build a relationship with the couple so that they trust you and the advice you offer them.