3 Tips to Create a Lead Magnet Topic That Gets Your Ideal Wedding Client Hot & Bothered to Give You Their Name & Email

lead magnet topic

Trying to get quality destination wedding leads shouldn’t make you want to pull your hair out!

Using a lead magnet to attract your ideal wedding client, is a powerful marketing tactic when done correctly.

In this article, I’m going to demystify creating a topic for your wedding couple that will grab their attention and gets them to act.

As we set out to nail your topic, first go back to who your ideal wedding client is and what is their number one struggle.

For example, my ideal wedding client was a busy couple who was overwhelmed with all the options. They were spending countless hours online trying to figure out where to go for their honeymoon or destination wedding.

As a result, I created a lead magnet called the “4 Insider Secrets to Discover the Perfect Location for your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding Without Stress or Overwhelm”.

My lead magnet addressed the problem and provided a solution to it. It was exactly what my ideal wedding client was looking for.

Tip #1

Your lead magnet needs to provide a solution to a problem your ideal wedding client is struggling with

The solution you provide in your lead magnet isn’t the whole answer. You are the solution, but you want to give helpful information that will get them to know, like and trust you, as well as make progress in their wedding planning.

Before moving on, go ahead and brainstorm some ideas that come to mind that you know your ideal wedding client is struggling with.

The next thing you need to do is decide on a topic that you believe will speak to the majority of your ideal wedding clients.

Again, the key to creating a lead magnet is really knowing who your ideal wedding couple is and truly understanding what they need. You want to put yourself in the seat of your couple and think about what they are up at night Googling

Tip #2

When choosing a topic, you want to grab their attention. So, you want to have a name that immediately gets a “that’s for me” response.

You can do this is a variety of ways, but let’s talk about two:

A topic like this gives a little FOMO as well as a curiosity to find out more.

For example:
“The Essential things Every Destination Wedding Planner Wish You Knew About Having a Destination Wedding”

Another way to get attention is to be specific. If your ideal wedding couple wants to get married in Jamaica, then this topic will be right up their alley and they’ll respond by giving you their name and email.

For example:
“The Pros & Cons of Getting Married in Jamaica”

Tip #3

Use your personality and language that you know will attract your ideal wedding couple

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. If you know only a certain type of couple will work well with you, attract only those couples!

For example: “How to Choose Your Destination Wedding Guest List Without Pissing Anyone Off”

woman with her laptop learning how to market her lead magnet

One of the biggest mistakes I see wedding & travel planners make when it comes to their marketing is trying to be all things to all people. Unfortunately, when you market that way, you essentially don’t attract anyone.

Take the time to really understand who you want to work with and what they need. Create all your marketing, including your lead magnet topic, around that foundational information, and you will have the correct bait to catch the right fish!

You don’t need to find quality wedding & travel leads – they need to find you!

If you’d like to watch the replay for more tips on creating a lead magnet topic, you can do so here.👇

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