3 Things You Need to Do to Portray Your Value and Charge a High Professional Fee

portray value charge high professional fee

If you are a travel professional who specializes in destination weddings and you want to increase your professional planning fees or start charging fees, then this article is for you!

There are 3 things that I personally identified in my consultation process that were game-changers in me closing the deal but also getting couples to pay me up to $2,500 for my fees when other destination wedding planners I knew charged nothing.

3 Things You Need to Do to Portray Your Value and Charge a High Professional Fee

Explain the Process of Planning a Destination Wedding

This does two things – it makes couples realize the magnitude of what lies ahead but that you have the answers, and it gives them a plan which gives them peace.

Share What Your Role Is in Helping Them

Give a highlight reel of your list of services so that they understand what you do and your role in helping them. This fills in the gaps and makes them more confident that they can partner with someone who can help them navigate the destination wedding planning process.

Not sure what your role is? Check out this recent article I wrote!

Educate Them on the Benefits They Can Earn From the Resorts

This is like the no-brainer boulder moment where you let them know what they can earn when their wedding group is set upright.

Wrap Up

Stacked together, these 3 things point to you as the solution. If you think about it, even if you charge $2,000 to plan their destination wedding, are they really paying that if they potentially earn a free room, a free cocktail reception, or even $1,000 toward their airfare?

In my 20K destination wedding business course, I teach planners how to set up a consultation process, the questions to ask, the services to offer, and the fees to charge (plus so much more).

If this is an area of your business you could use help with, I encourage you to sign up for the waitlist as open enrollment is coming soon! 👇


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