How to Set Yourself Apart From the Competition and Charge Higher Fees


When I first started my travel business, I quickly learned that I needed to decide on a travel niche, or I would never be able to separate myself from the crowd.

I then figured out that I needed to get even more specific about who I serve and what I specialize in so that I could attract leads to my business.

Let’s dive into today’s topic of setting yourself apart in the travel industry which will give you the ability to charge professional planning fees.

Create the Right Message That Speaks Directly to Your Ideal Wedding Couple

Trying to be all things to all people and having a generic, non-specific marketing message speaks to no one and attracts no one.

It can’t just be destination weddings and honeymoons, it needs to be a specialty within the romance travel niche market that will help a specific couple.

For this formula and examples, grab my free resource: Ultimate Checklist to Multiply your Destination Wedding Leads.

How Can You Charge Higher Fees and Still Get Hired Over the Competition?

This is something I get passionate about because so many travel professionals tout about their services being free because they get paid by the travel suppliers. That is their marketing message and I want to ask you, who do you think they will attract with that message?

Last week, I wrote about attracting couples with money to your travel business because that is how we can have a lucrative and successful destination wedding business. 

The problem is that free isn’t valuable, free is disposable. And that is exactly what agents who don’t charge find out – that they are disposable.

Here are a few tips to charge fees and get hired:

And this leads perfectly to another way that you can set yourself apart and charge higher fees…

Portray Your Value to Your Potential Client

Have you ever listed out all the things that you do when it comes to planning a honeymoon or destination wedding?

How about listing out your experience, knowledge, and skills like you would on a resume?

Well, this is your nudge to do it.

Then, take that information and create a list of services that you provide to clients who hire you. This is a sure-fire way to portray the value and experience a couple will receive by working with you for their destination wedding.

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