How to Stand Out in A Crowded Wedding Space: Show You Care

Make A Great Impression On Wedding Couples To Like, Trust, & Hire You: Show You Care

Today, I have saved the best for last!

I have been writing about the top 5 ways to make a GREAT impression on getting wedding couples to know, like, trust, & hire you!


Show You Care!

I can’t stress this enough! One of the things that won me over about Lou when we first met, was that he seemed to really care about me as a person. Lou asked me about my hopes and dreams and how things were currently going in my life. He didn’t make casual conversation just trying to “score” with me.

Think Of Getting Clients as a Dating Relationship!

Just like a dating relationship that ends in a long term commitment, such as marriage or partnership, your relationship to booking new wedding couple’s follows the same path! In fact, if you think about getting new wedding clients as you would being in a dating relationship, you will have ALL the wedding clients you can handle year after year! 

wedding planner showing you care for her client

But first, a quick review…

The first way to make a great impression is to make sure your social presence is properly set up to speak to your ideal wedding couple. This is usually the first interaction a potential wedding couple will have with your business. If they like what they see (initial attraction) they will take the next step and visit your website, which is the number 2 way to make a great impression.

Setting up your website to keep your potential wedding clients on your site and funneling them to either contact you or set up a consultation with you. This leads me to the third way to make a great impression which is to…

Show off your “brilliance”. Your wedding “superpower” that you use to make every wedding you work a success! When you show off your brilliance as a wedding vendor in the ways I mention in the post, your wedding couple will reach out to you which leads to…

Your Follow Up! You should be following up within 24 hours! I give some tips on how to easily set up a follow-up system that will help you do just that! This leads us to today’s 5th and final way to make a great impression. Drum roll, please… 🥁🥁🥁

Show them you care!

When your wedding couples interact with you in any way, either on your social channels, clubhouse, video, phone, or consultation, a sense that you ACTUALLY CARE about them and their wedding turning out great, they will book you for their wedding!

So you may be thinking, “How can I show them that I really care?”

I’m so glad you asked! 😆

Here are 6 things you can do to show every wedding couple that you REALLY care about them & their wedding! 

6 ways to show you care

This can provide a great way for a wedding couple to build a connection with you.

Something they are struggling with within their wedding planning.

Technology has made it is so easy to arrange a Zoom meeting with wedding couples who are all struggling in their planning.

Choose a topic that relates to your area of expertise and host a Facebook Live or Club on Clubhouse for them. 

Like a guide, cheat sheet, PDF, or video report that will help them solve one of their problems (not all of them) in their wedding planning. Also known as a Lead Magnet or “Bride Bribe.”

ALWAYS remind them that you are available if they need help or are struggling with something in their wedding planning.

woman smiling and working with laptop on bed

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day!

If you have all of these pieces of your wedding business tight and dialed in, then Congratulations! Obviously, you may have one or two of these in place but not all 5. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are any of our business. Take your time and work on one piece of your business at a time. 

A resource to help you get this done faster!

I have a resource that will speed up the process for you! Our Social Media Bride Machine contains 57 customizable templates – all designed to make you stand out on social media to those wedding couples looking for help planning their wedding. You can steal it now for 87% off for just $17.

Click below to check it out! 👇

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  1. Lynette Cuebas

    I did purchase this package Tami to assist me with making my social media content look more professional and inviting. Now I just have to work with it to plug it into the medias I’m currently using so far.

    • admin

      That’s awesome, Lynette! Can’t wait to hear about your success!

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