How to Recognize and Overcome Limiting Beliefs That Could Hold You Back in Your Travel Business

overcome limiting beliefs

Lou and I just returned from a business conference where we learned effective strategies and tips from multimillionaires.

We believe it is critical to step away from our business occasionally, be refreshed, get inspiration, and equip ourselves to be effective leaders in the travel industry.

When you listen to other business owners’ stories and hear about what they had to overcome and how they faced adversities and challenges, you glean so much insight and strategies that you can apply to your business.

Limiting Beliefs

We felt inspired to coach you about limiting beliefs that could hold you back from reaching your potential as a honeymoon and destination wedding travel specialist.  

Allow me to be coach Tami and call it out… you get what you believe and you believe what you say. Whatever you say out of your mouth, is what you truly believe.

Two questions: “Are you listening to what you’re saying?” and “Do you want what you’re saying?” So many people go down paths they didn’t want to and end up in places they didn’t want to be in, but they direct their path with their own words and don’t realize it.

We don’t want that for you, so let’s address some limiting beliefs that could stifle your potential as a romance travel specialist.

limiting beliefs

Protect Yourself From a Lifestyle of Limit

The last thing you want is for these limiting beliefs to become a part of who you are, and your everyday talk. So, let’s discuss some practical things you can do to protect yourself from a lifestyle of limit.

  1. Get a role model or mentor,  or join a community
    Get around people who have done it so that you know that it is possible. Stop isolating yourself because you don’t feel worthy.
  2. Cut off the negativity
    If you’re around people who say the same limiting beliefs, you’ll remain stuck.
  3. Get around successful people
    People who are achieving more than you, so you can expand your vision and expose yourself to what is possible.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs in Travel Business

Here are the 3 things you can do when a limiting belief creeps up.

  1. Recognize it’s just a belief and you could be wrong
    The moment you challenge the belief and expose that it could be wrong, the belief loses its power.
  2. De-frame and re-frame
    Don’t allow that limiting belief to be permanently framed and hanging on the wall of your mind. Take it down and re-frame it. For example, “I don’t have a 20K wedding yet, but I will soon.” Or “I choose not to invest in that right now.”
  3. Change how you talk to yourself
    • I am equipped to overcome this challenge
    • There is a solution to this problem
    • am worthy of this professional planning fee
    • I bring great value to my clients
    • I am worth the money for people to pay to get their wedding right
    • I can achieve the goals I set for myself
    • I am motivated, diligent, and disciplined

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a mentor for your destination wedding or honeymoon travel business, I encourage you to join our Academy Pro community. A membership exclusively for romance travel specialists who want to unleash their true potential.

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