Make a Great Impression on Wedding Couples to Like, Trust, & Hire You: Your Follow Up

Make a Great Impression on Wedding Couples to Like, Trust, & Hire You: Your Follow Up

Quick follow up to your wedding inquiries can make a huge difference in the type of impression you make on your potential wedding couples.

The 24-Hour Sweet Spot

I have always found that if you can follow up with your wedding inquires within 24 hours, you’ll make a positive impression on your wedding couples and increase your odds of getting hired!

But let’s face it…

Implementing a system that allows you to easily follow up within 24 hours is easier said than done.

You could be in a hot mess right now!

Right now, you could be in the middle of a hot mess of re-booking, re-quoting, and re-doing, most of your canceled or postponed 2020 weddings while still trying to book new business for 2021! This makes it VERY challenging to follow up with your new wedding leads.

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4 ways to follow up quickly:

In case you aren’t aware, an auto-responder is an automatic email that is sent out immediately after an inquiry form is filled out. If you are already using an auto-responder, great! Most basic email platforms have some type of auto-responder program. I recommend both MailerLite or ConvertKit! Both are excellent email platforms that include auto-responders.

You could create an email message that says something like this… “Thank you for reaching out. We are currently busy making amazing wedding dreams come true.  We will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours to see if we are a good fit to work together.”

There are many quality platforms that you can use to create your own messenger bot. The one I use is Many Chat. Basically, the way it works is you embed the chat widget from your Messenger bot on your website. You can program your chatbot to either have a simple “need help” prompt on it or a chat icon.

This lets your wedding couple know they can send your business a message even at 2 AM in their pajamas! Then, just like the auto-responder above, you could have a preset response triggered to open up as soon as they send their message.

I know, I know… Nothing monumental here, except for the fact that many wedding couples may be VERY impressed that you took the time to reach out to them in person.

When wedding couples are on your website, you should always have a way for them to book a free consultation with you. A couple fills out the form and after they submit the form, they will be taken to your online scheduler where they can schedule an appointment with you!

Using an online scheduler gives you a greater chance of keeping a wedding couple in your “pond” instead of jumping off your site and going somewhere else.

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Use these steps to build an efficient follow-up system with your wedding leads and watch your booked weddings MULTIPLY!

If you’re a wedding pro looking to attract quality wedding leads for 2021 and beyond, check out this FREE video training! 👇

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