Make a Great Impression on Wedding Couples to Like, Trust, & Hire You: Your Brilliance

Make a Great Impression on Wedding Couples to Like, Trust, & Hire You: Your Brilliance

A few years ago, there was a TV show out called “Heroes.” The premise of the show was about normal people who suddenly discovered they had some type of superpower.

Some people have the power to fly, shoot fire, be indestructible, have super speed, and one particular character’s power was the ability to absorb someone else’s power. 😂

You do have a superpower!

The good news is, you DON’T have to be on a TV show to have superpowers! As a wedding pro, you already possess a unique superpower.

It’s the unique skill set you bring to the table that makes a bride’s dreams come true wedding after wedding!

Your superpower is your BRILLIANCE.

  • A DJ who turns any type of crowd into a party that no one wants to leave
  • A caterer who creates cocktail & dinner experiences that make family and guests rave about the menu
  • A photographer who brilliantly catches the perfect shots that bring you gets your wedding couple emotional just looking at the proofs
  • A wedding planner who brings vision and vendors together for the perfect wedding day
  • Or a cake artist who’s wedding cakes makes the Cake Boss jealous!


Show off your BRILLIANCE to make a great impression

woman smiling because of her brilliance

As a wedding professional, you have an obligation to demonstrate how your unique “brilliance” can move the needle forward for wedding couples to have their dream wedding if they hire you. But there is a right way and a wrong way to show your brilliance. 

6 effective ways to show your brilliance:

I know right, duh, but it is a good reminder. Make sure that you have a showcase page on your website, as well as a showcase board on your Pinterest account.  

This is not a time to sell yourself, use an image of your happy wedding couple instead. A picture really does speak a thousand words. This could also be a “showcase” wedding linked back to your website.  

For example, if you are a photographer who specializes in bright & airy wedding shoots, or maybe the opposite dark and moody, then display all the different ways you can shoot a wedding couple in that style.

If you are a mixologist who specializes in custom made cocktails, then show them and how you customized the cocktail for that particular wedding, etc.

You get the point. Do this correctly and wedding couples will start trusting you as a valuable resource for their wedding!

When one of your clients gives you a great review, you definitely need to share it with the world. Make an Instagram Story and share how excited you were to receive the review and some of the challenges you had to overcome to make their wedding day perfect. Create a Pinterest Pin or an Instagram post with the same information on it.

If you are a hair or makeup artist, create video tutorials on how to do certain hair or makeup styles. Do a Facebook Live, Instagram story, Instagram reel, or YouTube video. Giving a tutorial on quick wedding day makeup hack helps your bride look amazing for her photos without looking like a waxed doll up close.

ALWAYS! Link all of these boards, pins, posts, and videos back to your website and social profiles when able! So if you create a video on YouTube about cupcakes vs. mini cakes for your wedding, put that video on a page on your website. If you post that video on Pinterest or Facebook, link the video back to your page on your site. This will bring these wedding couples to your site and make it even easier for them to contact you.

woman smiling and working with laptop on bed

I hope you are enjoying my posts on how to make a good impression on wedding couples. You can read my other two posts by using these links below. 👇

Show your brilliance in the right ways and you will attract wedding couples to your business. But if you come off as trying to sell them, you will repel them. 😉

As a Wedding Pro, you know that in 2021, connecting on social media is the key to growing your bookings, influence, and income!

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