Make a Great Impression On Wedding Couples to Like, Trust & Hire You: Your Social Presence

Make a Great Impression On Wedding Couples to Like, Trust & Hire You: Your Social Presence

It’s wedding season! That glorious but nerve-racking time where couples have gotten engaged and are looking for help to make their dream day a reality. Getting a wedding couple to notice your business is just the beginning! It’s not enough for them to know about your wedding business, they need to also like & trust you enough to raise their hand so that they can learn more about how you can help them with their big day.

So how do I get wedding couples to know, like, trust, & hire me?

You might be thinking, “Okay Tami, if you’re so smart, how can I get wedding couples to not only know my business exists, but also like and trust me enough to book my services for their wedding?”

Ha! I’m glad you asked!

There are 5 effective ways you can use to make a great first impression on wedding couples.

Today I am going to focus on the first thing you should make sure is set up properly and that is your social pages & profiles:


A good social presence is a NEED not a WANT

In today’s world, potential wedding couples are checking out your social profiles before they ever visit your website. In fact, most couples will make a decision if you are for them or not, based on your Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest images, pins, and posts. Your social media profiles and accounts are really going to be the first impression wedding couples have of you and your business. As you audit your social media, ask yourself these questions…

Are the images and posts you are putting on your social channels designed to attract your ideal wedding client?

If you are a DJ and your best client is a couple who worries about having a party that keeps everyone dancing all night long, then you will post images that show people dancing, smiling, and displaying high energy at the reception.

Do your images and posts show your brilliance?

You should be showing posts of your great design, happy couples & guests, testimonies, etc. Anything that demonstrates the benefits of working with you! But this is not the time to be salesy!

Are your images and posts creating engagement with potential wedding clients?

ALL of the social media platforms want your visitors to stay on your pages, thus staying on their platform as long as possible. That means the more you keep them engaged with your content, the more your social pages get rewarded and shown to more people. FB Lives, IG Stories, Polls, and Videos all are great ways to keep your visitors engaged and active!

Are your profiles designed to compel potential wedding clients to contact you or take the next step in learning more about your business?

Always tell your visitors how to get in touch with you. Tell them to DM you, visit your website, or email you with any questions you can answer for them. Again, not a time to sell, still be helpful!

Are your posts focused on you and your achievements, or on the amazing wedding they are going to have if they work with you?

ALWAYS have posts on your pages & boards that show the benefit of working with you.

For example, if you are a mixologist, you can post something like: “I want to congratulate Jeff & Tory on their engagement. I am so looking forward to creating an awesome signature cocktail for their wedding!”

Following these steps on your social pages and profiles will help you make a good first impression on a potential wedding couple. Once they are interested and attracted to your business, they will take the next step of wanting to learn more about your business. 👍

Two women working together on their social presence

In my next post, I will talk about the next way you can continue to make a good impression on wedding couples to get them to know, like, & trust you enough to keep moving along in the relationship to hire you.

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