Make a Great Impression On Wedding Couples to Like, Trust & Hire You: Your Website

Make a Great Impression On Wedding Couples to Like, Trust & Hire You Your Website

It’s wedding season! That glorious but nerve-racking time where couples have gotten engaged and are looking for help to make their dream day a reality. Getting a wedding couple to notice your business is just the beginning! It’s not enough for them to know about your wedding business, they need to also like & trust you enough to raise their hand so that they can learn more about how you can help them with their big day. 

So how do I get wedding couples to know, like, trust, & hire me?

You might be thinking, “Okay Tami, if you’re so smart, how can I get wedding couples to not only know my business exists but also like and trust me enough to book my services for their wedding?”

Ha! I’m glad you asked!

There are 5 effective ways you can use to make a great first impression on wedding couples.

Today I am going to focus on the second way to get brides to like, trust, & hire you: YOUR WEBSITE!

This is a no-brainer.

Yes, I know this should really be a “no-brainer,” but things can change quickly and you want to make sure your website is conveying the right message to today’s careful & savvy brides.

If you had a chance to read my post on making a good impression with your social pages & posts, you know that most wedding couples will check you out on your social profiles first. Based on how they feel about your social presence will determine if they take the natural next step to visit your website. So now, let’s talk about how your website can easily take your bride from interested in raising her hand to hire you!


Your website should reinforce that they are in the RIGHT PLACE

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You only have 2.3 seconds for a wedding couple to decide if they should stay or click away! Your website should reinforce their trust in your business to help them in your specialty for their wedding.

Look at your website for the following:

You should not only have a portfolio of past weddings, but you should carefully use images of happy brides, grooms, & guests to reinforce to any wedding couple that if they work with you, they are going to have an amazing wedding! 

You need to show your “brilliance” on your website just like on your social pages. If you specialize in chair covers and linens, show different combinations and settings. Photographers, show different types of wedding shoots and poses. Caterers, different types of dinner combos, etc. ALWAYS show classics along with the latest trends to show your versatility. 

Keeping up-to-date fonts and color schemes on your web pages shows your wedding couple that you care about details and have a good sense of style.

It’s fine to have dated weddings of your past couples, but keep those in the background. Use images of either newer weddings you have worked with or use quality stock photos to supplement lack of real photos. 

If you love working with a certain type of wedding couple like a Rocker or Bohemian couple, then make sure your site has those types of style shoots on them. This will attract and pull in your ideal couple and repel the ones not a good fit for you.  

This is so important, because well-placed testimonies on your About Page,  Services Page, and especially on Home Page and Contact Page, reinforce a couple’s desire to work with you.

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Increase your chances of converting your leads into clients!

When your website has these areas showed up, your chances of converting a wedding couple from interested into a client go up exponentially!  

In my next post I will be discussing in detail how showing off your “brilliance” unique skill as a wedding pro will help you make a great impression on potential wedding couples.

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