The #1 Key to Selling Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

key to selling

If you are looking to become a destination wedding or honeymoon travel agent, this article is for you.

I recently celebrated 15 years in the travel industry. As I look back at my journey, I couldn’t help but wonder “how” I got honeymoon and destination wedding couples to work with me when I wasn’t an expert.

When Lou and I launched our travel business and specialized in honeymoons, we connected with our local David’s bridal, were part of a bridal network organization in our city, and we did wedding shows.

This was a great way for us to meet couples in the area, but there was a lot of competition with other well-established agencies.

So, how did we get couples to work with us?

Key to Selling Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

key to selling

The key, my friend is in selling yourself. Sometimes we get all in our heads about having to know everything, have tons of travel experience, have insider secrets, or be a certified destination wedding and honeymoon specialist to be successful.

Those things are good, and they will come in time. But what if you’ve never sold a destination wedding before? What if you are a brand-new agent who hasn’t traveled anywhere other than Canada?

How can you “compete” with those agents and agencies who’ve been around for years and years?

Let’s talk about that, shall we?

The first piece of advice I would offer you is that you really aren’t competing with another travel business if you know who your ideal client is, and you are confident that you are the right person to help that ideal client with their honeymoon and/or destination wedding.

The second piece of advice I would like to offer is to learn how to sell yourself. This isn’t manipulative or shady, this is about creating relationships, slowing down, and listening.

I believe the number one characteristic of a successful honeymoon and destination wedding planner is caring.

  • Caring about your clients having an amazing experience.
  • Caring that everything is smooth and stress-free for them.
  • Caring that they create lasting memories that will bring them joy for years to come.
  • Caring that they have a long and happy marriage, family, and future.

You might be wondering, “How do I show that I care or build a relationship in a social media online digital world?”

Great question! I think the best thing you can do is show up on social media and be yourself. Share tips, open a peek into your life, and extend invitations for people to ask questions. Be a resource.

Wrap Up

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