Top Strategy to Generate Leads for Your Wedding & Travel Business


If you are a wedding or travel planner who needs to get leads for your destination wedding business, and you’re looking for free ways to market your wedding business, read on…

Let’s continue our discussion on using Facebook Groups as a marketing strategy for your travel agency. If you didn’t catch my post from last week, you can do so here.

A Facebook Group for your wedding or travel business is a great way to build a community full of your ideal wedding and travel prospects and market your travel business online.

This benefits you in several ways:

You may be thinking, “This is all great Tami, but how do I get these prospects to find my Facebook Group?” 

I’m so glad you asked!

The first step to filling your Facebook Group is creating a name that will attract & excite your ideal wedding couples & travelers to join your group.   

A good Facebook Group name should give a clear message of who the group is for and how it will help them!

Be as specific as you can because you’re going after your ideal wedding couple, not every wedding couple!

For example:

If your ideal wedding couple is an overwhelmed & busy couple who needs a push to get their destination wedding figured out, then a great name for your Facebook Group could be:

“Help for Busy Couples Planning a Caribbean Destination Wedding”

Or if you focus on helping couples plan destination weddings to Jamaica, then a possible title could be:

“Community for Jamaica Destination Wedding Couples”

After you have the name picked out for your destination wedding group, then another great tip would be to offer a lead magnet or Bride Bribe as an incentive to join your group.

Let’s use the example above for a Facebook Group planning Jamaican destination weddings. 

A great lead magnet for that group would be:

“The 7 Most Amazing Wedding Venues in Jamaica You’ve Never Heard Of”

You would offer that to anyone who joins your Facebook Group by making sure they give you their email when they join your group.

If you would like to learn more about how to create effective titles for your Facebook group, check out our latest video Lou & I did on how to create a great name for your Facebook Group now! 👇

If you’d like to participate in our live discussions, we’d love to have you! You can join our Facebook community for Destination Wedding pros here! 👇

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