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💍 Custom Jewelry For A Friend 💍

I recently decided to have a custom piece of jewelry created for a friend’s birthday. This isn’t something I’ve done before. I started my search like most people – online, and I quickly realized that I needed help.

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You see, I didn’t really know what I wanted, and I wasn’t sure how to create a custom piece of jewelry working with someone remotely. This gave me a lot of unrest, and ultimately, I wasted my time online because I wasn’t going to find what I was looking for without a plan or idea of what I wanted.

I remembered a local jeweler who supports my children’s school and checked out his website. To my pleasant surprise, he made custom jewelry and in fact, that was what he was known for.

I went in and told him my idea (that was super vague) and he sat me down and showed me real options and ideas. From there, I quickly picked out what I wanted and within 30 minutes the plan was in place and I paid half down. I felt relief, joy, excitement and anticipation for the finished product!

As a destination wedding planner, this is the same type of service you are offering your clients. Your clients are lost and overwhelmed. They have a vague idea of what they want. They are spending their time online thinking they will find their answer when they don’t even know what they want. Clearly, this is a recipe for failure.

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You are blessed to have the role of the custom jewelry maker who can take your clients from the unknown to the known. This is why the consultation process is so important because you can understand their needs and give them peace of mind that you not only heard them, but you can help bring it to fruition. As you fill in the gaps, you’ve secured a happy client who appreciates your expertise.

As you build your business, write your blogs, create your lead magnet, do your social media posts and consult with your clients, always keep their journey in mind. Always remember that they are searching for a solution, they just don’t know what that solution exactly looks like. Give them the road map and they will hire you to create their custom dream wedding.

P.S. Because the jeweler solved my problem, I never even asked how much his services were. 😉

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