Designing a Marketing Message That Attracts Your Next 5-10 Wedding Clients

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Last week we talked about entering the conversation that is going on in our ideal wedding client’s minds. We do this in 4 simple steps and I suggest you check those steps out first. 👇

I remember when I first started my business and I thought I had to be all things to all people. Once I decided on romance travel as my niche, things changed as I was able to set myself apart as an expert, but I was continually frustrated with the types of clients I was attracting.

As I invested in my business to do what I thought I were all the right things – getting a better website, changing my logo, and upping my image at bridal shows – somehow, I was still finding myself overworked and underpaid. The struggle was real! 😪

What I didn’t know at the time was that my message was the same and thus, I continued to attract the people that were not the right fit for me.

Simply put, until I changed my message, all the branding, website makeovers, and superficial changes weren’t going to change who I was attracting!

So, how do we design a marketing message that speaks directly to our ideal wedding client, repels the people we don’t want to work with and gives us bigger pay days with less stress?

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We need to uncover the pain points that are holding our ideal wedding clients back and we do this with empathy.

In order to book your next 5-10 ideal wedding clients, they need to believe that you understand them and what they are going through.

One of the best ways to understand them is to actually have gone through it yourself. If you have first-hand experience, it is easier because you know exactly what your ideal wedding client is thinking, so you can naturally speak to those frustrations in the content you create.

However, if you haven’t been where your ideal client is, then you’ll want to spend time getting to know the hurdles and frustrations that they are experiencing and have genuine empathy toward what they are going through.

You might be thinking, “Tami, where can I go to know what hurdles and frustrations my wedding clients are experiencing?” 🤔

Here are a few ideas:

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Now that you understand these pains and struggles, it is time for you to be the hope they are looking for and craft a message that speaks directly to them.

For me, one of the things that my ideal wedding client struggled with was where to go for their destination wedding. So, my message to them addressed the fact that they were experiencing overwhelm due to all the options, endless online searching, and information overload. Make sense?

Once you get this right, your wedding business will be a magnet to your right fit client! 🥳

If you’re a wedding professional and you’re struggling to attract quality wedding leads who will value you and the service you provide, I invite you to grab my complimentary video! 👇

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