10 Easy Tips to Grow Your Wedding Business on Instagram

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Be honest with yourself…

How often do you post something expecting comments and likes, only to see that no one has interacted or liked your post?

It may be because you haven’t used the right hashtags or possibly you aren’t using hashtags at all.

I often see wedding pros completely miss the power of the hashtag to get Instagram to work for their wedding business. If you haven’t done any research for hashtags that are related to your niche, that is a must.

The tips I’ll be sharing in this post will be a game-changer, so read on my fellow wedpreneur!

Alrighty, let’s dive into hashtag strategies you can easily implement to attract your ideal wedding clients on Instagram!

How to choose Instagram hashtags to grow your wedding business

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  1. Search the hashtags that you want to use and see what is already viral

You could repost it or you could use it as example content. Look at the hashtags that are used in the post

2. Find your ideal wedding client

Possibly look up one of your current clients and see what hashtags they are following or find competitors who are doing well on Instagram and find out what hashtags they are following. Then follow and use the same hashtags.

3. Use 30 hashtags

Yes, 30! Hashtags are how you get found on Instagram. Just like we do a google search for something specific, your ideal wedding client is looking for something specific on Instagram.

4. Use hashtags that have 1,000 – 500,000 uses

I recommend you use hashtags that have 1,000 – 500,000 uses, with most of the hashtags being at 30,000 uses or less. You can throw in a few generic ones, but only two or three of the 30 hashtags should be generic like #wedding. The rest should fall within the 1,000-30,000 uses.  If you constantly use hashtags that have millions of uses (like #wedding), you’ll get buried in the feed within seconds.

How can you find the best hashtag for your wedding business to book more weddings on Instagram?

  1. Follow your competitors

Follow your competitors or those who have the same audience as you and see what hashtags they are using in their posts.

2. Go up to the search bar

Go up to the search bar and put a generic hashtag like #weddingvenue. Instagram will pop up related hashtags as well as the number of uses. Keeping in mind the above tips for how many uses a hashtag should have.

3. Consider researching and using a few misspelled hashtags that are showing uses

For example, #weddingphotgraphy (the second “o” is missing) or #weddingphotograpy (the “h” is missing).

4. Create hashtags that are longer and more specific

If we stick with wedding photography hashtags, you could do something like #atlantaweddingphotographer or #destinationweddingphotographermexico. Again, make sure that there are at least 1,000 uses of the hashtag.

5. Get clear on who your ideal wedding client is 

Get clear on who your ideal wedding client is and ask yourself what hashtags they would be following or searching. Use those same hashtags in your posts so that your ideal wedding couple will find you!

#bridetobe #2021bride #2021bridetobe #2022bride #2022bridetobe #weddingideas #destinationwedding #weddingtrends

I know this was a lot of tips, so take your time! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more tips and resources to help you book more brides!

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