How to Attract Destination Wedding Couples With Money


As we grow our travel businesses, we discover that there comes a time when we want to stop attracting tire-kickers and people without a decent budget, and start attracting couples who have a healthy budget and want the professional help of a destination wedding specialist. 

The question becomes HOW. How do we start getting quality leads and make money selling travel and destination weddings?”

In our 20K destination wedding business course, we talk about setting yourself apart as the go-to expert, deciding what your niche is, and uncovering who your ideal client is. 


All these things will help you in changing who you may be currently attracting to your travel business. 

One thing we can’t do is keep doing what we’ve been doing, as we’ll keep getting the results we’ve been getting! 

As you determine who your ideal client is, I want you to think about what will appeal to them regarding style.

If you are trying to attract a couple who wants an “Instagrammable” destination wedding, what does that look like?

Maybe your specialty is intimate and romantic micro-weddings. What colors, style, and look get those couples’ attention?

Let’s brainstorm some styles that could be a match to your ideal destination wedding client.

Different Wedding Styles





















As you take some time to think about who your ideal client is and what will appeal to them aesthetically, this will help you to change what is necessary on your:

What would you need to change?

  • Colors
  • Photos
  • Font
  • Website theme
  • Content

Is this the end-all-be-all to attracting couples with money? No. Your marketing message, having a freebie (lead magnet) that will help them move forward in their wedding planning, and helpful content that will guide them to your services are all part of the process. 

However, one of the first things that get the attention of a couple is something that appeals to them visually. 

We must look at the part to gain the trust of today’s savvy couples.  This may require some cosmetic updates to our websites, Pinterest, and Instagram profiles. It may require investing in a new website or paying for new updated images.

Whatever it takes, be willing to invest and make some changes so that what you say about who you work with matches your branding and thus attracts couples with money. 

what is important to wealthy couples

Let’s switch gears and talk about what is important to wealthy couples so that you can provide services that will meet their needs and design a marketing message that will attract wedding & travel clients with money.

  1. Wealthy people spend money on experiences more than things. 
  2. Health and wellness are important to them.
  3. They want value for their money.
  4. They like feeling like they are being rewarded.
  5. They want to save time planning their wedding and all the logistics.
  6. They want their wedding process simplified.
  7. They want the reduced risk.
  8. They want a quality experience.
  9. They are looking for something different, not typical or cookie cutter.
  10. They want to reduce personal effort. 
  11. They want to be esteemed by their social group.
  12. They want to be informed. 

If you need to generate quality wedding leads for your travel business, I have a free resource to help! 👇

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