5 Steps To Make A Killer Mission Statement

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Last week, we discussed how to make easy tweaks to your About Page that will help you stand out from the competition, share your mission, and get wedding couples to relate to you on a deeper level.   If you haven’t read it yet, click here to read it now.

One of the key components of your About Page is your mission or vision statement.

I’m going to show you 5 easy ways to craft a killer mission statement that will endear new wedding couples to your business, and create lifelong fans. 

Wedding Couples Are Looking For Connection

Today, wedding couples aren’t just looking for a destination wedding planner anymore, they also want to connect with you on a more personal level!  

Your About Page is the 2nd most visited page on your website.

If a wedding couple lands on your website, such as on your home page, and they are interested in your service but aren’t sold on working with you yet, they will go to your About Page to get to know you more! 

5 Steps To Make A Killer Mission Statement

Step #1: Share Your Why

On your About Page, you need to share WHY you became and are a romance travel planner. Most wedding couples won’t always connect with what you do, but they will connect with why do do it! Most wedding couples who land on your website, know what you do. They know you are a destination wedding or honeymoon travel agent, but your WHY can make you stand out to them in ways other wedding or travel planners can’t.   

Here’s an example of sharing your why…

“Because it has to be right! This isn’t just any other vacation, this is your destination wedding & honeymoon. The start of your new life together!“

This statement clearly shows wedding couples that you are in the business because you care about the success of their event and their marriage!  If this is important to a couple, this will endear them to YOU and YOUR business to plan their destination wedding or honeymoon. 

Step #2: What Do You Do?

Say what? “Hey, Tami, I thought you just said wedding couples don’t care what I do?” Yes, that is true, but this is when you communicate your Unique Selling Position (USP), that lets the wedding couples on your page know that you have a unique approach to helping them plan their destination wedding or honeymoon.    

Here is an example of a What You Do USP statement:

“I help busy & overwhelmed couples, who are short on time, and on information overload discover the resort wedding venue that will give both you and all of your guests a wedcation NO ONE will forget!” 

Having your unique selling position is SO important to making you stand out, as not just another travel agent, but a professional who knows EXACTLY how to help that couple on your website.

Step #3: How Do You Do It? 

Ok, you’ve given your USP statement, but now you will elaborate on your unique process that proves you can make their amazing destination wedding day or honeymoon happen.

Here is an example of a How You Do It statement:

“My unique process will identify your unique vision, and filter your vision through my inventory of resort wedding venues, to match you to a resort and location that will fit your destination wedding or honeymoon like a glove!”

Step #4: Share Your Values

Wedding couples will clue into the values that you care about in your business and services.

Here are some examples of values you can communicate in your mission or vision statement:

  • Their Marriage Success is Important to You
  • Their Destination Wedding is a Success
  • Their Wedding Guests Have a Great Experience
  • That They Receive Great Value For Their Money
  • You Have Integrity

You don’t have to state these verbatim. You can weave these into your vision statement that will convey your values to the wedding couples just fine. I’ll show you how to weave these my last point. 

Step #5: Putting It All Together

All that is left to do is put all of this together. Here is an example of a mission/vision statement based on the above criteria. 

Because This Has to be RIGHT! 

This isn’t just any run-of-the-mill trip, this is your wedding and honeymoon. The Start of Your New Life Together! 

I help busy & overwhelmed couples who are short on time and information overload discover the resort wedding venue that will give both you and all of your guests a wedcation NO ONE will forget!

I do this by quickly discovering your unique wedding vision and filtering it through my extensive inventory of wedding and honeymoon venues to find you the perfect resort and location where both you and your guests will experience memories that will last a lifetime!

I will be by your side for this entire new chapter in your life from start to finish! 

Amazing ROI

If you think your About Page could use a new mission/vision statement, I encourage you to take the time to create a new one, the benefits will show up in your inbox and your bank account! If you would like to make sure your entire About Page will consistently bring you in new followers, leads, and destination wedding and honeymoon clients, check out my post on tweaks you can make to make a killer About Page. 

If creating this content is simply not an option for you at this time, consider investing in our Content Hero membership where we do all the work for you and give you relevant done-for-you content on honeymoons and destination weddings every month. All you have to do is post it and get found!

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