3 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Travel Business

upgrade travel business

I was so proud of myself! I recently went on a 4-night Fam trip to Mexico, and I packed everything I needed in a carry-on!

However, drama ensued as I battled that carry-on roller bag my entire journey. You see, the roller bag wheels were not working smoothly, and the bag was off balance due to my packing skills (or lack thereof).

As I walked through the airport, my back began to hurt, my wrists and forearms were getting tired, and I legit was working up a sweat just to walk to my gate.

Anytime I needed to switch arms with my lovely carry-on filled with all the essential things I excitedly packed for my journey, it would start toppling over and I would nearly trip on it, causing a scene and potentially causing someone behind me to bump into me.

I believe that the experience I had with my roller bag can reflect our businesses and I wanted to talk to you about your business in this week’s blog post.

Upgrade Your Travel Business: 3 Questions To Answer

upgrade travel business

Are you over packing your roller bag?

If you continually feel as if you are maxed out, stressed out, or pulling your hair out, then you may need to start unpacking things that you thought were essential, but simply aren’t. We get into habits and routines, and they become familiar, so we never take the time to assess if they are working and are required to get us to our destination.

Are you fighting your roller bag or is it rolling along effortlessly helping you get to your destination?

Business can be tricky because it’s never going to be all sunshine. Work is work, but it is important to assess if you are continually battling something that should be operating with little effort. If this is how you feel in your business, you may need to reassess what you are doing and if it can be done differently or better.

Is it time to upgrade to a new roller bag or can it be repaired?

I like the roller bag because it was a gift I received for achieving Chairman’s Royal Club with Sandals 3 years in a row. But, is that a reason to continue using it?

Are You Ready for the Next Level?

Sometimes, we let pride in what we’ve done stop us from going to the next level, upgrading our old systems and ways of doing things to something new and better. New and better something that would make our lives easier and actually work the way it was intended to.

We start believing that the battle is normal and that being off-balance and toppling over is normal. So, we keep dragging that darn roller bag until our neck has a kink and we’ve checked off our workout for the day.

If this is you and you know that there has to be a better way, that there is a “roller bag” out there that will work effortlessly as you walk through the airport. If you know that there is a business system that will keep your life in balance and help you unpack the things that aren’t essential and only have those that are, then I invite you to join my next masterclass to learn where I unpack what I did to go from struggling in my travel business to thriving.

Free Masterclass on March 29th and April 4th! 👇🏻

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