Creating Financial Freedom Through Destination Weddings

financial freedom destination weddings

The best way to get into the travel business is by starting with a vision. Allow me to share my experience and how specializing in destination weddings expanded my vision further than I ever thought possible.

I remember my first destination wedding group. I learned so much as I stepped into the unknown, but one thing I learned that I didn’t expect was how planning a destination wedding led me to expand my vision for my business.

Allow me to explain.

Creating Financial Freedom Through Destination Weddings

I was so focused on honeymoons and individual vacation planning that I wasn’t even aware of the potential destination weddings services offered as part of my business plan.

Fast forward several years and it enters the first time I made 20K from one destination wedding! This was eye-opening and, once again, this experience expanded my vision to the potential income I could generate in my home-based travel business by specializing in destination weddings.

The first time I experienced butler service opened my eyes to its value and allowed me to sell it. The first time I went to a Four Seasons resort expanded my vision to see myself experience luxury travel as the norm, not the exception.  

When I got help cleaning my home, I expanded my vision to realize that getting help like that wasn’t for the wealthy only, but for those who understood the value of their time.

Lou and I recently had food delivered to our home even though it cost more to use that service than to pick the food up. However, since we have expanded our vision for our life, we recognize how to prioritize.

financial freedom destination weddings

One of the planners who joined our 20K System & Toolkit a few months ago specifically said that she joined so that she could take the things that we created and implement them in her business so that she could save time.

She recognized the value of her time and in learning from others who have had success so that she didn’t have to spend hours figuring it out on her own.

What are some ways you can expose yourself to things in life so that your vision for your life can be expanded?

The Power of Community

financial freedom destination weddings

In our 20K community, where we show wedding and travel pros how to make a six-figure income working with 5-10 couples per year, our members are constantly exposed to success.

In our private Facebook group, we continually share our wins, and what that does is reminds everyone of what is possible. It keeps us focused. It reminds us of why we started. It encourages us to persevere.

As solopreneurs, we can’t keep plugging along on our own operating from our own knowledge. This is a recipe to be in the same place year after year.

We need to accelerate our results and position ourselves to learn from others who are smarter than us and who have more experience than us. This is what smart business owners do.

Wrap Up

Over the years we have had to say no to things to reach the level of success that our expanded vision gave us. Sometimes that resulted in very hard decisions like:

  • Changing our business operations and hiring an expensive business coach to help us say “no” to the familiar.
  • Turning away business that wasn’t our ideal client.
  • Jumping out of the boat and leaving the security of a 9-5 career.
  • We had to say “no” to sifting every decision through the lens of how much it will cost us and start looking at it through a lens of how much it will profit us.

But if we didn’t say no to those things, we wouldn’t be where we are today. If Lou didn’t retire from his teaching career, we wouldn’t be here showing you how to make 20K from one wedding day.

You never know what one decision or investment in your business life will result in. Opportunity is all around you. It is knocking on the door repeatedly. 

Are you going to answer it and expose yourself to something new so that you can expand your vision?

If you’re ready to expand your vision and learn more about how destination weddings can be the vehicle to get you where you want to be in life, I encourage you to register for my next masterclass! 👇🏻


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