The Checklist for Turning Your Wedding Travel Planner Business Into Success

wedding travel planner business checklist

Are you a travel agent who is looking to get into the destination wedding niche? Or perhaps you’re a destination wedding planner who wants to be serious about their travel business?

Whatever the case may be, there are several processes and procedures you and your wonderful team will benefit from. Even if you already have a successful business, it never hurts to review these tips and tweak them so that they’re even more functional.

Here is a checklist of the processes every travel planner needs in place to properly set up their travel business for success.

Wedding Travel Planner Business Checklist

wedding travel planner business checklist

1. Sales Funnel

This is the process that your potential client goes through.

  • You’ll want to get clear on who your ideal client is and their #1 struggle
  • Create an irresistible offer that they will opt-in for
  • Nurture them with emails
  • Invite them to schedule a consultation with you

2. Consultation Process

This is the process they will go through to consult with you for their destination wedding, honeymoon, or vacation.

  • Qualifying questions on a web page that once submitted leads them to…
  • Your online calendar where they schedule the call
  • Emails to get them excited to talk with you
  • Your list of services and planning fees for after they talk to you (you’ll send these via email)

3. Onboarding Process

  • Your contract and a way to send it for signature
  • A way to receive payment for your professional planning fee
  • An initial meeting to go over the process of planning a destination wedding and what your clients can expect as well as how you work

Systems and Processes Saved My Sanity!

As a travel professional that specializes in destination weddings, and a coach who shows romance travel planners how to build a successful destination wedding business, I can tell you from experience that these systems and processes saved my sanity, and they will do the same for you!

It took me a while to figure these things out in my business, but once I did, it was a well-oiled machine and it made everything so much more manageable. I felt like I had control over my business rather than feeling overwhelmed and like my business was running me.

If you’d like to hear a few more strategies I implemented in my travel business that radically changed the results I was getting, I have a replay of a Masterclass I recently hosted. You can check it out here! ⤵️
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