Do You Stand Out From The Crowd? | Unique Selling Position

Do You Stand Out From The Crowd? | Unique Selling Position

Something you may not know about me is that I have an identical twin sister! When we were growing up, people always got us confused… Even my Dad! He would just call us “sis”. What? 😂 That’s another story!

Here’s the thing, even though we are identical, we are very different people. Even though we are related and like a lot of the same things, we each have our own strengths and things about us that make us unique.

The same thing is true of your business. You may offer the same services as I do, but what makes us different is us, not the product or the business name, it is the person behind the business and the kick butt talents they have to share.

One of the things Lou and I did to set ourselves apart in this industry and get found by our ideal bride was create a Unique Selling Position (USP).

This is essentially a statement that shares how your services solve a problem your ideal bride is experiencing.

You have to have your own Unique Selling Position and I advise that you think about your past reviews and what people have said about you. This could be a sign of your strengths and this is a skill that you can highlight as you help your ideal bride (IDB) with her destination wedding.

Remember, you want to work with your ideal bride and need to know what makes you different from all the other honeymoon and destination wedding planners out there. And, if you don’t know what makes you different, your potential client won’t either!

When creating your USP, consider the following as a guideline:

You will combine those answers into a statement and that statement will be your USP.

In our case, we built our reputation on finding the perfect resort for our couples that matched their personality so that they had an amazing destination wedding.  Maybe you are great at making sure every last detail of your bride’s wedding always comes together or is taken care of for a smooth and stress-free wedding, or maybe you are perfect at bringing someone’s wedding vision to life for their dream wedding to happen.  Your USP is so important because it will be the driving force of your message that will help you connect with your ideal bride and get her to connect with you in the midst of all the competition!

I encourage you to create your USP and put it on your website, your social media profiles and memorize it. It is like your elevator pitch! 👍

Here is a simple formula you can use to get started:

"I help (ideal client) discover or achieve because of (your specialty)."

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