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Do You Want To Be A Destination Wedding Planner?

tami santini working on a laptop

I want your job!

Over the years, I have heard this phrase so many times. “I want your job!” or “Are you hiring?” or “How do I do what you do?” While the statements are kind and understandable, everyone always wants the end result of something, right? These remarks come to me when I’m traveling to beautiful destinations showing pics of my amazing suites, food, adventures, parties etc. They don’t come when I’m sitting at my desk in my yoga pants doing the daily work!

Human nature is that way. We see the finished product – the weight loss, the perfect Instagram post, the new house, the student loans paid off, the house paid off, the new car, the new job and we WANT it! But, do we really WANT it? Have we ever taken the time to ask the person what they did to get it? What they gave up? What changes they made in their life to achieve their goals? What routines and habits they have that attribute to their success? The mistakes they made? The tips and tricks of the trade?

tami santini smiling with a laptop

There are mentors all around us and instead of us wishing and hoping and saying, “I want your job”, go the next step and ask that person to mentor you, to talk with you and get you pointed in the right direction. Inquire. Dig deeper. Find out more. I would much rather have someone say, “Tami, I want to know more about what you’ve done to have what you have and be where you are. I’d love to learn from you. Can we chat?”

I encourage you to find someone who is doing what you want to do and connect with them. I am confident that they will be honored to help you achieve your goals. 😊

Do you want to know how to build your own successful and thriving destination wedding business?

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