How to Write Social Media Hooks That Don’t Fall Flat on Their Face

how to write social media hooks

Have you ever wondered how to attract new travel clients through social media?

Hey there, travel advisor, in my last article, I talked about call-to-actions and how to write those to increase engagement and followers for your travel business. This week I will be focusing on writing hooks that get your potential destination wedding, honeymoon, and travel leads to open your social posts.

What is a Hook?

The Instagram algorithm favors posts that people engage with, so we need to write captions that will get a response. We can do that with our call-to-actions, but before we do that, we need to write something intriguing to get their attention.

So, what is a hook anyway? A hook is the very first statement of your caption, it is the attention-grabber or introduction to what your post is about. When done right, it will create intrigue and encourage the viewer to want to read on.

How to Write Social Media Hooks

A few effective types of hooks for travel advisors to use in their social posts:

Ask a relevant question

  • “Ready to say “I do!” in paradise?”
  • “Looking for a romantic & stress-free honeymoon?”
  • “Hate relying on Trip Advisor to plan your…?”

Speak directly to your audience

  • “Hey honeymooner, I see you over there…”
  • “Calling all travel couples/Disney lovers/beach brides…”
  • “Fun fact, all-inclusive traveler…”

Tell a story or personal experience

  • “You won’t believe what just happened or the craziest thing just happened!”
  • “I wasn’t going to share this but…”
  • “The biggest travel mistake I ever made!”

Share an opinion that maybe goes against the grain

  • “I have a confession to make…”
  • “Want to know something crazy?”
  • “This is not a joke!”

Newsjacking – bring up hot topics that are on the mind of your audience

  • “I can’t believe I’m sharing this…”
  • “Let’s talk about…”
  • “My response to…”

Paint a picture of the experience your audience will have

  • “Imagine you’re sitting on the beach soaking up the sun and…
  • Picture this – you and your love are returning to your suite after dinner and…
  • Envision yourself down on one knee with…

As you can see by the above examples, the hook creates interest in what your post is about which results in your audience reading the caption and thus engaging in it. Hooray!

Wrap Up

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