How Hot Chocolate Is The Key To Booking More Clients in 2020!

How Hot Chocolate Is The Key To Booking More Clients in 2020!

Recently Lou and I went to Grand Rapids to celebrate our anniversary. Our celebration a month late? But we won’t go there! 😂

Our celebration started with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert, a stay in a corner suite at JW Marriott and a stroll the next morning in downtown Grand Rapids.

We stopped into a gourmet candy store that we love, Kilwins Chocolates, – they have the BEST hot chocolate! 😍 As we walked in and oohed and ahhed over the treats and smells, we started chatting with the employee about the hot chocolate.

We remembered how much we loved it last year, in fact, we bought a bag of their chocolate shavings to melt for our own at-home treat! Anyway, as we talked about this, the employee got super excited to share with us their new steamer!

She shared how the new steamer worked and how it made a huge difference in how the hot chocolate turned out because it allowed them to make an individual fresh cup per customer. Fresh is always best!  

But what struck me was the fact that it didn’t matter how much sales training she had, what mattered was the amount of passion she had for how great this hot chocolate was!  Yes she was knowledgeable about the processes, but it was really her passion that turned us on to have a cup of the golden chocolate right then and there!  

We thoroughly enjoyed this tasty treat to kick off the Christmas season in style. It did not disappoint. And now, because of my experience, I’m telling you about it., 

This is why being passionate about what you do and what you offer is so important. Your passion is contagious, and it causes others to act and jump on board. I didn’t want to miss out on that hot chocolate and that is the feeling you want to give your potential clients when you are chatting with them about your services.  

REMEMBER, it doesn’t always matter how much sales training you have had, or how much you know…(I am not saying that you shouldn’t learn your craft) but in the end, it is the passion you have for what you are offering to your brides that will allow you to book more weddings in 2020!

In our 20K System and Toolkit coaching program, we teach our students to find a niche that fits them, something they are passionate about, because when you are passionate about what you do, you will sell more and have happier brides as well! So, what are you passionate about when it comes to the world of destination weddings or travel? Scuba, tennis, golf, yoga, spa, food, cooking, running, adventure tours, stand up paddle boarding…you name it! Put some passion in your promotions and watch how it creates a magnetic effect on new bookings for your wedding business in 2020 👍

Do you want to know how to build your own successful and thriving destination wedding business?

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