How To Get More Wedding Clients From Instagram


Have you been struggling on Instagram, trying to increase your engagement, and get your ideal wedding client to interact with you?

Today, I am sharing a strategy that you easily implement to increase the results you are getting on Instagram.

Before we get into the actual strategy, we first must set up an Instagram feature called “Saved Replies” or “Quick Reply”. Once that is set up, you can use it in a variety of ways. But, I have a specific method you can snag to get more wedding clients on Instagram.

Setting up your Saved Reply on Instagram

  1. Go to your Instagram profile

  2. In top right-hand corner, click on the hamburger menu (3 lines)
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Click on Business
  5. Click on Saved Replies
  6. Select New Saved Reply
  7. Input a Shortcut – this is what you will name the reply and it is for your use only. So, name it something that makes sense to you.
  8. Just below Shortcut, fill in your message that you want to save as an auto reply.

For example, let’s say you have a lead magnet called “4 Tips to Plan your Wedding Without Stress & Overwhelm.” You could have a saved reply that you name as “Tips” (this is your Shortcut name.)

You will then create a message that would say something like,

“Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I know that planning a wedding is fun and exciting, but it can also be a bit overwhelming and frustrating at times. That is why I created this complimentary guide, “4 Tips to Plan your Wedding Without Stress & Overwhelm.” I truly hope it will bless you. Please let me know if you have any questions.

You can access the guide here: (this is where you would copy and paste the link to your lead magnet opt-in).”

If you want to see how this works in action, DM me (@tamisantini) the word “leads” on Instagram.

Side note: If you are not following me on Instagram and you DM me, your message will go in my Message Request where all the spam messages go. You know, the ones that are like “Hey! We noticed you have awesome content! Want to get 40,000 views?” 😅 It is always best to follow someone first and then DM them.

What is the point in creating a Quick Reply in Instagram? Well, beyond making your life easier when you want to give a call to action in a post, a story or on Clubhouse, here are a couple of strategies you can implement to increase your engagement on Instagram.

There are a couple of different ways you can use a Quick Reply or Saved Reply

  1. Instagram Stories

You will want to create an Instagram story that uses the poll sticker.

Some examples of polls might be:

  • Be honest, would you travel right now?
  • Are you planning a wedding?
  • Would you like tips to plan your destination wedding?
  • Which do you prefer? Then give style options like tropical/mountains, whimsical/modern, outdoor/indoor, etc.
  • Would you pick your wedding décor based on price or vision?
  • Are you working with a wedding professional to help plan your wedding?
  • Do you feel stuck planning your wedding?
  • Do you need help with ____?
  • Do you think you need a wedding professional to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch?
  • Have you found a ____ yet? (Venue, DJ, florist, planner, photographer, etc)
  • What’s most important for your wedding _____? (Flowers, photos, etc)


For those who say yes or pick the appropriate choice from the poll, send them a message. Like, “I saw you answered ____. I have a (offer), would you like it?” Or simply start a conversation with them.

2. Instagram Posts

Use this strategy in your Instagram Posts. You can have an image that has the poll on it. While this is not interactive like the Instagram Story poll is, most people have a natural desire to want to answer a question.

  • As a rule of thumb, you should always have a call to action.

Regarding what we are discussing today, a good CTA would be to DM you for something.

For example, “DM for information on how to choose in season flowers for your bouquet. Simply DM me the word “Flowers!”

  • Once they DM you, you would then use your saved reply to send a message.

Tip: If you don’t get a notification that they opted into your lead magnet in the next day or two, go back and give a heart to their initial message. What this does is it puts your conversation with them back up to the top of their chats/messages. This should remind them to click on the link.

The beauty of this is that you can create as many saved replies as you want. So, if you find that you’re always answering the same questions, make some saved replies so you’re not typing in the same information all the time.

So, you’re probably wondering how to use the saved reply. Here is how that works…

  1. Once you receive a DM, you will see a ➕ sign in the space where you would reply. Select the ➕ sign.

  2. Once that opens, click on the 💬 sign.

  3. Once that opens, you will see all your Saved Reply. Click the one that pertains to the message you received and it will automatically show in your message.

  4. Finally, click “Send”!

Victory dance!

If you found these Instagram strategies to get more wedding clients helpful, tag me on Instagram when you post it! 😉

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