5 Ways To Get 5-Star Reviews: Tip #1

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I am excited to share some with you how I have over 100 five star reviews as a destination wedding specialist.

This will be a five part series so be sure to stay connected as I share each tip with you so you can implement it in your business!

Tip #1
📣 Be Available and Responsive 📣

I cannot over emphasize that people want information now. It’s imperative that you have the processes in place to offer an immediate response.

I remember a time as a solopreneur where I simply couldn’t be at my desk every second of the day, so I hired a virtual receptionist service.

The great thing about this service was that there was an app so I could let the receptionist service know if I was in a meeting. If the receptionist answered the phone, they would let the potential client know that I was in a meeting until 3pm (for example) and would return the call as soon as I was able.

I also had protocol in place that if I was showing as available but didn’t answer my phone that the receptionist was to say that I was on the other line and could they take a message.

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Side Note: I work from home 👩‍💻

Again, this was a virtual receptionist in an entirely different state. However, when the client or potential client called, it sounded like I had a big office and team. This is a good thing!

Here’s the scoop, having someone answer the phone live is ALWAYS best. Have regular business hours. Put them in your email signature or let your clients know your hours for accepting calls and your hours for returning emails.

Have a fun auto-response on your email. I use this: “Roses are red, violets are blue. I got your email… Woo-hoo!” And then proceed to let them know that their email is important to me and my office hours are ____ and I check my emails at ____time every day except weekends.

Keep them informed so that they know what to expect and they aren’t frustrated when they, for example, tend to call you at 3pm and that is the time that you are picking your kids up from school.

As long as your clients know your routine, it will avoid frustration.

As far as being responsive, I will respond to an email within a few hours if possible, no more than 24 hours depending on when it comes in. 😉

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  1. Donna Mckenzie

    Hello Tami,

    I am very interested in become a wedding planner.
    I love all these tips and truly believe that you should alwaus show appreciation with a card and gift to your clients..Please let me know when you will have a evening or weekend presentation..I am working 8 am to 5pm eastern therefore cannot watch a daytime presentation.

    Thank you..
    God bless..

    • admin

      Hi Donna,

      Thank you Donna for your positive comments! If I sent you a replay would that be helpful to you?


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