5 Ways To Get 5-Star Reviews: Tip #2

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Tip #2
🚶‍♀ Stay in Your Lane 🚶‍♀

Once upon a time I made a grievous error and allowed someone to hire me for a last-minute legal destination wedding in Italy.

At this point in my business, I had dozens of destination weddings under my belt, but they were to the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii. I hadn’t sent anyone to Italy for a wedding, only for a honeymoon or luxury vacation.

As I began the research process, I quickly found out that I didn’t have the connections to make this happen in the short time span. The bride was picky about what she wanted. We would find a location that would work but it wouldn’t be available during her dates or what was available, she didn’t like.

Needless to say, hours and hours later, I gave her back my nonrefundable professional planning fee because I felt horrible that I couldn’t fulfill what she hired me to do and because she was threatening to give me horrible reviews on social media!

I know that this example has a few issues that prevented the vision from coming to pass, however, if I would have been working within my wheelhouse of Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii, I would have been able to put together a last-minute legal wedding. I would have quickly recommended some resorts, made calls to the right people and it would have come together.

And thus, I would have avoided the stress and wasted time, in addition to the potential threat on my reputation that I worked so hard to achieve.

As much as I felt like “I can do this” or “she really needs my help”, I ended up hurting her as she lost time because of my inability to achieve the end result. The truth is that I’m here to serve and this is someone’s wedding day. I can’t say “yes” to everything because sometimes saying “no” is the most professional thing to do. Lesson learned. đź‘Ť

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