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Tip #3:
👍 Under Promise and Over Deliver 👍

This is a motto that my husband stays true to, much to my frustration at times! I can get a little impatient with his perfectionistic ways, but I have never seen his drive to over deliver fail.

Here are some real examples of what I did to under promise and over deliver...

  • When assessing how long it will be until I can finish a task for a client, I would add a day and then wow them by getting back to them earlier than expected.
  • When talking to a wedding guest about possible change fees and increase in cost due to a requested change to their reservation, I wow them when I tell them that I was able to get the change made for no fees, or less than expected etc.
  • When I tell them that I will assist them with a particular part of their wedding planning and then just do it for them.
  • When I contact the resort wedding team on their behalf to get the answers to their questions.
  • When I send them a $50 gift card as a thank you and a congratulations on your marriage.
  • When I find out that they just bought a home and I send them a card and gift.
  • When they arrive at the resort, I have a handwritten note and treat from me waiting for them in their room.

These are all things that will wow your clients and let’s face it, they deserve it! Always remember that your client could have worked with anyone, but they chose you. All these little things will remind them that they made the right decision!

The beauty of over delivering is that it can come in handy if you accidentally drop the ball or there are any issues or problems that may be outside your control. Plus, the more positive experiences each guest has with you, the better your chances of referrals and gaining them as clients for life. 😊

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