How To Use Celebrity Weddings To Boost Your Business

How To Use Celebrity Weddings To Boost Your Business

Let’s face it, there is a lot of competition out there for a bride’s attention. Anything you can do to stand out from the competition is important.  Well, one great way to attract new brides to your blog posts, videos, or social media posts is to piggy back off of celebrities who have tied the knot.   For example, Jennifer Lawrence and her fiancé Cooke Maroney recently got married at the famous Belcourt of Newport wedding venue in Newport, Rhode Island.  Hello Awin

Using Celebrity News in Your Content

If you look at their wedding details carefully, you may be able to find some common content from their wedding that relates to your blog post!  As a traditional wedding planner or destination wedding planner, there are several things you could use from the details of their wedding that will connect to your business.   I am not going to break down their entire wedding here, but if you would like to read about it.. Click Here.

Obviously, you will need to use common sense and make things tie in naturally, because if you don’t, it will seem forced and you will lose credibility.  If done correctly, however it can be a thing of beauty which quickly get you some extra leads coming to your post. 

My Example Blog Post

So here is an idea for a blog post I would do if I wanted to attract more destination wedding & event leads… Enjoy!

5 Lessons You can Learn from Jennifer Lawrence's Wedding to Create your Perfect I Do in Paradise

jennifer lawrence

Finding the perfect location for your destination wedding, can make or break your dream of having the perfect I Do in paradise. In fact, the wedding venue you choose can make all the difference between destination wedding bliss or failure… If you don’t believe me, just look at some of the many famous actors and actresses who choose special wedding venues to have their big day. Jennifer Lawrence and her fiancée Cooke Maroney, chose to get married at the historic Belcourt of Newport in Rhode Island. It is known for being haunted, if you believe in that or not, but for a late October wedding, it was very appropriate! It also fit both Lawrence and Cooke’s vision for their perfect day in every way.

Lesson 1: Choose a wedding venue that meets your vision for the perfect destination wedding!

flower setting on the beach

Do you want to get married on the beach, or with the beach and water in the background but you don’t want your feet in the sand. There are certain resort venues who have a set up for that and some that don’t. Choosing the resort that has the set up you want will eliminate frustration and keep you in bliss mode.

Lesson 2: Choose your guest list wisely!

Guest list words. Hand written vector design element in white over pastel pink brush strokes background. Traditional calligraphy.

Lawrence and Maroney had around 140 guests, which included the likes of Kris Jenner, Emma Stone, Amy Schumer as well as Adele, just to name a few. These were all people that Jennifer Lawrence and Maroney wanted at their wedding to help make their wedding day special. You should only invite those family and friends who will make your wedding special.  Of course there will always be that great aunt your mother tells you has to be invited, so it isn’t always perfect!

Lesson 3: Host a rehearsal dinner that allows for local charm

Authentic buffet, assorted fresh fruits, berries and citrus. Preparation for design creative menu.

Lawrence and Maroney hosted a clambake reception on Friday evening before their wedding which fit perfectly with the Boston Rhode Island locale of their wedding. You should try to include some of the local fair in your guest reception, such as having Jerk Chicken kabobs, with conk fritters…

Lesson 4: Having a themed menu!

Dinner menu for a wedding or luxury evening meal - note, made up menu

Jennifer Lawrence and Maroney had a delicious harvest spread of squash, carrots, smoked fish, and beef along with a food truck that provided late night sandwiches for everyone as the night continued on. You will have many great options to create a food theme for your cocktail party and reception. Good quality resorts will give you a great variety of menu choices for your wedding reception.

Lesson 5: Make sure you have the right dress for a destination wedding

Cheerful bride at the beach

Jennifer Lawrence got married in colder fall weather so she wore a long sleeved, beaded, French Label Dior gown.  When you are in a warm tropical setting, you will definitely want a dress with short sleeves, or no sleeves along with a light material dress that keeps you comfortable during your big day. Get these five things right and you will have an amazing destination wedding as well.

Are you trying to plan your destination wedding, overwhelmed and frustrated with all the options out there, well check out my free resource: The Essential Guide for a Perfect Destination Wedding.  Don’t waste another minute being frustrated or stuck, downloaded and get unstuck and back to getting your destination wedding planned.

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