When it makes sense to join or change a Host Agency

As a destination wedding coach, I often get questions about host agencies and how to get into the destination wedding business. 

I made this video to help simplify host agencies and hosting plans so that you are armed with the knowledge to make the decision that is best for you and your profitability. 

I also share when it is a good time for you to pursue getting your own travel credentials. 

Do you want to know how to build your own successful and thriving destination wedding business?

I’d like to invite you to my live presentation where you will learn:

  • The five steps you need to take to get quality leads

  • The insider secrets to having huge pay days

  • How you can take bucket list vacations for pennies on the dollar

and so much more….

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  1. Norma Jones

    Thank you very much! Very helpful information. Norma

    • admin

      You are welcome Norma. We are always trying to put out helpful information to help all of our community make the best choices for their business. Thank you for being the best part of the 20K planner community.

  2. Catrina Reese

    Great information. I am with a travel host agency. So I would love to make more money in this industry!!

    • admin

      Yes, you are all set on the travel side, now once you follow our step by step blueprint in the 20K System & Toolkit, you will know how to market your self and start making those bigger commissions from destination weddings, honeymoons, and even vow renewals as well! We are fortunate to have you in our 20K Planner Community!

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