6 Reasons to Book a Destination Wedding Group With a Travel Supplier

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If you are new to planning destination weddings, you may be wondering how to book a destination wedding group.

I’m here to explain that the best way to set up a destination wedding to benefit the bride and groom as well as you, the travel professional, is through a travel supplier.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

6 Reasons to Book a Destination Wedding Group With a Travel Supplier

Reason #1: In-Travel Service

Picture this, a destination wedding guest has a situation on their way to the airport at 5 AM. This results in them missing their flight and the next flight isn’t available until tomorrow. 

Who do they call at 5 AM? If the wedding group was booked directly with the resort, they won’t be able to call the resort for help.

So, they will call you… at 5 AM… on a Saturday morning.

Working with a travel supplier will give your clients a toll-free customer service number to call during those early or late hours so that your client can get help and advice while you get your beauty sleep!

Reason #2: After Travel Service

Nothing is perfect and sometimes there are a few issues that wedding guests make you aware of upon their return or when they are at their destination.

The last thing you want to do is be the one making the case and filing formal complaints with a resort and following up on the progress.

A travel supplier has more clout as well as the proper procedures to handle these issues on your behalf. Simply reach out to them with the situation and let them do the follow-up and investigation on your behalf! Phew! 😅

Reason #3: Group Airfare

This isn’t something that I personally do a lot, but it does work and helps some groups and, in most cases, if you work directly with a resort, they will not have access to group airfare like a travel supplier will.

Plus, the travel supplier will be coordinating it on your behalf, so you don’t have to know all the ins and outs of group airfare. Additionally, working with the travel supplier will allow you to add an agency service charge for each of the flights booked. Which I recommend because airfare can be very time-consuming.

Reason #4: Extra Amenities

Everyone loves getting freebies! Many travel suppliers offer their own perks to contract a group with them on top of the amenities that the resort offers.

This can greatly benefit your wedding couple as they can earn extra perks like a $1,000 airfare credit.  Woo-hoo! 🥳

Reason #5: Technology

Generally speaking, a travel supplier will have an easy way for guests to book with the group. For example, a group website, where guests can go and get information about the event as well as reserve their room to attend the wedding.

This will not be the case when booking direct, which results in more micromanagement on your part, which results in more of your time.

Reason #6: Make More Money

The booking platform that a travel supplier offers will often have a way for you to add an agency fee so that you can charge for things like reservation changes, late payments, or even a cancellation fee if someone cancels without insurance.

In addition to that, often, a travel supplier will give you more commission than working directly with a resort.

Bonus Reason: Rewards! ✨

Some travel suppliers have their own rewards programs. So if you reserve a wedding group with a travel supplier, you can get the rewards from the travel supplier AND the resort (once you register the bookings).

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