10 Email Templates You Should Have to Efficiently Manage a Destination Wedding

email templates for destination wedding

Running the business end of a destination wedding can be challenging. This is especially true with all the communication that goes on between you and the wedding guests.

Email Templates for Destination Wedding

Here are 10 templates to help you stay on top of your game as the destination wedding specialist.

1. Inquiry email
  • Inquiry email with details on room options, dates, and how to RSVP.
2. Sense of Urgency Inquiry Email
  • 2 additional inquiry reminder emails to give a sense of urgency to reserve (if they haven’t already booked.)
3. Welcome Email
  • Welcome email with the next steps and a reminder to check the passport expiration date.
4. Passport Expiration Date Reminder
  • If there are several months between the welcome email and the trip, send another reminder around 6 months prior to travel to make sure guests double-check their passport’s expiration date.
5. Payment Reminder Emails
  • Payment reminder emails are to be sent out once per month, always reminding of the final payment date.
6. Final Payment Reminder Email
  • Send out 1 week prior to the final payment due date.
7. Airfare Itinerary Request
  • Send out 8 -10 weeks prior to travel.
8. Travel Documents
  • Send out 2-3 weeks prior to travel.
9. Travel Protocol
  • Travel protocol requirements and tips (send out 2 weeks prior to travel).
10. Final Tips and Reminders
  • Send out 1 week prior to travel
  1. Reminder to do online check-in for flight and arrive 2-3 hours prior to departure
  2. Share information on the airport shuttle service, how that works, who to look for, etc. along with their phone number
  3. Give tips on gratuities and come prepared with cash
  4. Share the customer service number for emergencies during travel and give an example of when they would use that number
  5. Give details on travel protocols (even though you already sent that info)
  6. How to call the U.S. from their cell phone or give tip to use Whatsapp for international calls when using WiFi

Wrapping Up

Now, you should be ready to handle many of the emails that you may need to send as you manage a destination wedding. If you aren’t using some of these emails in your destination wedding business, I suggest putting these items in place so that you are ready to roll when you get your next destination wedding client.

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  1. Paige Kemp

    There are no links and no templates to see? Looking for #2 template. Thanks!

    • admin

      Hi Paige, this blog post shares the emails you should have as templates in your destination wedding business to stay organized. Once you create them, they will be the templates you’ll use for future wedding groups.

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