The Two Most Important Ways to Make a Good First Impression on Destination Wedding Couples and Get Leads Even if You’re Brand New

make a good impression with destination wedding couples

It’s almost wedding season! That glorious but nerve-racking time when couples have gotten engaged and are looking for help to make their dream day a reality. 

Getting a wedding couple to notice your travel business is just the beginning! It’s not enough for them to know about your business, they need to also like & trust you enough to raise their hand so that they can learn more about how you can help them with their destination wedding or honeymoon. 

Make a Good Impression on Destination Wedding Couples

So how do I get wedding couples to know, like, trust & hire me?

Ha! I’m so glad you asked!

There are many effective ways to make a great first impression on wedding couples. Today, I am going to focus on two of the most important ways: your social media and your website.

Your social profile and feed will determine if couples take the next step with you
make a good impression with destination wedding couples

In today’s world, potential wedding couples are checking out your social profiles before they ever visit your website. In fact, most couples will decide if you are for them or not, based on your Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest images, pins, and posts. 

Your social media profiles and accounts are really going to be the first impression wedding couples have of you and your business.  As you audit your social media, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are the images and posts I am putting on my social channels designed to attract my ideal wedding client?
  2. Do my images and posts convey what is unique and different about me compared to other destination wedding specialists?
  3. Are my images and posts creating engagement with potential wedding clients?
  4. Are my profiles designed to compel potential wedding clients to contact me or take the next step in learning more about my business?
  5. Are my posts focused on me and my achievements, or on the amazing wedding they are going to have if they work with me?
  6. Is my content helpful with tips and ideas?
  7. Am I using videos like reels and going face to the camera so that couples can get to know me?
Your website should reinforce that they are in the right place
make a good impression with destination wedding couples

As I wrote above, potential wedding couples are usually going to come from your social profiles if they believe your business is worth the extra click.

Your website needs to reinforce their decision to check out your destination wedding business to see if you are the right fit for them. You only have 2.3 seconds for a potential client to decide whether you could be the right travel professional for their destination wedding or honeymoon.

As you look at your website ask yourself:

  1. Does my website show happy wedding couples & guests?
  2. Does my website show that details are important?
  3. Are my colors and fonts up to date and relevant to today’s bride?
  4. Are my photos up to date and relevant to today’s styles? 
  5. Are my styled shoot images tailored to the type of destination wedding client I want to work with?
  6. Do I have my testimonies sprinkled throughout my website besides just on a “My Reviews” page?
  7. Do I have helpful articles on my blog to show that I am the authority or expert?

Wrap Up

I encourage you to take the time and look at your social profiles/feed as well as your website and ask the above questions.

If you need some help creating content that will showcase your expertise and get couples to find you online and contact you, I would like to invite you to check out our done-for-you destination wedding and honeymoon content membership.

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