5 Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Today For Free Or Nearly Free!

5 Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Today For Free Or Nearly Free!

Does anyone else feel like they are living in a movie? If I’m honest, these times are unsettling, so to keep myself positive, I’ve personally been focusing on God’s word and continuing to keep my eyes fixed on my vision.

Have I had to step back and re-adjust some things?  We all have! But now is not the time to shrink back and sit on the couch binge watching Netflix! Now is the time to push through and be diligent!

With all of that said, how do I push through and be diligent without spending a lot of money, right? For us in the travel industry, the thought of not getting paid for who knows how long doesn’t make us want to run out and spend money! However, I believe there will a distinction between those who persevere and continue to build their business and those who ride this out and zip themselves in a cocoon until this is over.

I have a few strategies for you to implement that are free or nearly free. Check these out and let me know that you followed through because I want to cheer you to the finish line!

Partner with charities

If you have a creative idea to safely deliver meals to families in need, help an animal shelter place pets in homes etc, now is the time to get your business out there and show that you care about your community.

Reviewer campaign

Reach out to your past clients or even those who had to cancel/reschedule their trip and ask them for a review. In exchange for the review, they can be entered to win an Amazon Gift Card. Use these reviews on your blog, in your social media, in your emails (screenshot) etc. I use Weddingwire to collect my reviews and you can get a free account with them if you don’t already have one.

Put together an online summit of influencers in your market and host an online event

Insurance expert, wedding venue owners, attorney (to talk about contract terms), photographers, florists, caterers, wedding officiants. Give these brides peace of mind and have each influencer share tips. If you don’t have a platform to do this, Zoom has a free option for up to 40 minutes. So, if you do the free Zoom option, keep it to three experts at a time and maybe host a few days summit depending on how many people you have involved.

In this scenario, you could talk about honeymoon re-booking, travel insurance and even plant a seed of the idea to do a destination wedding this Fall.

Give your audience an opportunity to purchase from you

Give your audience an opportunity to purchase from you or go the next step everywhere you can, your blog, the P.S. in your emails, your email footer, call to action on every post or quote, your Facebook page

Show up on social regularly

I can’t emphasis this enough. Now is the time to share content that keeps you visible and also sparks conversation/is engaging. You’re not trying to get leads right now, you are using social media to stay in front of your potential clients, inspire them, maybe give some tasteful comic relief and just be authentic during this time of shared struggles.

My advice, don't stop working on getting new destination wedding clients! I encourage you to check out my free training on the 5 hacks you can do right now to get a consistent and reliable flow of destination wedding brides right to your inbox, phone or door...

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