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As we are all in uncharted territory, I can confidently say that your attitude toward this crisis will spill over and create a culture. Your clients will turn to you for advice, so it is imperative that you remain calm and carry on.

Your confidence that this too shall pass is what will keep you visible in a positive way so that when your clients are ready, they will come to you. It is good to remind them that you are a reliable business they can turn to and that you can handle crisis situations like a pro.

After a crisis of this magnitude, clients who possibly could have strayed to DIY will turn back to a trusted source. You need to remain visible as that trusted source and give them reasons to use you. With that said, stay abreast to the latest updates concerning the Coronavirus.

I have a few ideas for you to focus on during this time:

  • Share a behind the scenes story of what you are accomplishing while you’re on hold for your client’s trip changes
  • Talk about how airfare prices are super low right now. Maybe even find some awesome examples to share like “Roundtrip Chicago to Paris, October 2020 for $500!”
  • Share details about your client’s upcoming wedding and paint the picture of the amazing time they will have and how beautiful it will be
  • Make a new autoresponder on your email giving helpful resources about the situation, asking for patience in your response and share something funny or light-hearted. This lets them know that if you can be at peace during this time, so can they.
  • Use this time where there may be a lull in new bookings to revamp your marketing message, update some photos on your website, write some blog posts, increase your knowledge, create a content strategy, rebrand etc. Use this time as an opportunity to work on your business so that you’re ready when restrictions are lifted.
  • Create a new list of services and professional planning fees. Add to that list of services what your role is in a crisis. Increase your fees! The fastest way to get back on your feet is to have a larger upfront professional planning fee. I was just hired for $1,500 to do a wedding in September 2020. That amount of money makes a big difference in times like these!

I know that when you’re in the midst of a circumstance it can feel big and overwhelming, but trust me when I tell you that you will get through this and you will come out stronger! 💪

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